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18 Thoughts That A Single Girl Has At A Wedding

Calling all the single ladies!

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1. Did she really just say "yes" to being with him forever?! No thank you!

2. That's a serious commitment.

3. Wonder if he's single...

4. Open bar? Don't mind if I do!

5. Maybe I shouldn't be drinking this much...

6. Whatever.

7. I wonder if my dance moves are hot....

8. Yeah. They are so hot.

9. Cake time! Ohh, why hello there.

10. He is so hot!

11. Ohh!

12. Guess he has a wife.

13. Well, this is awkward.

14. Man, this sucks!

15. I'm going to be single forever.

16. Wait, why am I crying? My life is way better when I'm single!

17. And at least I'm not the only one.

18. I love being single.

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