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    17 Relatable Moments In "Never Have I Ever"

    Season 2 hit the wholesome feels.

    Mindy Kaling's excellent Never Have I Ever returned for another season of hilarious, sad, and wholesome high school adventures Thursday.

    Lara Solanki / Netflix

    Here are some of Season 2's most relatable moments that had us shaking our heads.

    1. Saying “I’m really mature about tons of shit” at, like, 16.

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    I know about, like, sex and stuff.

    2. Balancing two boyfriends is more pressing than moving to another continent.

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    Moving to India versus Paxton and Ben?

    3. Being dismissed by men in a STEM environment.

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    Kamala goes HAM on nerdy researchers.

    4. A lot of being a top student is about getting in good with your teachers.


    Because teacher's pet pays when you get into Princeton

    5. Having an awkwardly liberal teacher.

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    Oh, Mr. Shapiro.

    6. Being compared to your other Asian friends.

    Giphy / Via

    And you never measure up in your mother's compliments.

    7. Sneaking out during a sleepover.

    Giphy / Via

    Let's go get underage tattoos!

    8. Finding out your archnemesis/annoying perfect human being is actually basically perfect.

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    Dr. Jackson cares about children, is a single father, AND drives a Maybach???

    9. At some point, you feel like everybody hates you.

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    We've all been there, especially in high school. It gets better.

    10. Getting into an Ivy League school is an Olympic sport.

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    Grades, volunteering, mock trial, manipulating counselors... 

    11. The universally hot cool guy who speaks in single sentences.

    Giphy / Via

    We all spent so much time thinking about what exactly goes on in that beautiful head.

    12. Feeling like "Let's go blow shit up."

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    When you're bored and get your hands on fireworks, what's a kid to do?

    13. Pretty people have problems too.

    Giphy / Via

    Paxton breaks his arm and discovers the world isn't as easy as he thought.

    14. Learning how much your grandparents went through.

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    Listen to their stories; they have many.

    15. Feeling like the last one to be asked to the dance.

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    The countdown ticks on and your heart drops.

    16. There’s always a Trent.


    Our favorite stoner-slacker sommelier with unexpected skills.

    17. Finding out you’re just objectively nerdy; you’re not nerdy because you’re Asian.

    giphy / Via

    It's a disappointing but freeing revelation.

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