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    These 13 Sex Educators Are Teaching People What They Really Need To Know When It Comes To Sex

    Teaching sexuality from all angles.

    The United States is known (and mocked in many Western countries) for having an abysmal sexual education system, particularly in public schools.

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    Education regarding sexuality encompasses many forms and angles, and learning about consent and destigmatization is essential to move forward with a healthier, happier, safer society. While the vast majority of Americans support comprehensive sex education covering topics like puberty, STDs, and contraception (96 percent of parents according to Planned Parenthood's latest poll), we don't have federally mandated sex education; that means sex education is left up to the whims of individual states and school districts. Only 15 states require medically accurate sex education and only 18 states mandate education on birth control. Only a fifth of middle schools and less than half of high schools are teaching the sexual health curriculums the CDC recommends as "essential" for healthy development. 

    Numerous respected medical and health organizations support structured sex education, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization. Studies show that comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education at every age group reduces the likelihood of teen pregnancy and results in teenagers waiting until they're older to have sex. 

    But! There are people out there doing their best to help us all understand sex and our bodies a little bit more. Here are some diverse, sex-positive educators and activists fighting the good fight and making America a safer place to play that you should know about!

    1. Michelle Hope

    2. Sister Nurse Joy

    sister nurse joy in drag
    Say It With A Condom / Via

    Caleb Gustin is a registered nurse and proud drag queen who teaches all-inclusive sex ed classes under their drag persona "Sister Nurse Joy" in Seattle. Sister Nurse Joy works to address the lack of LGBTQ-friendly sex education consulting and teaches sex ed at Seattle University (a Catholic university!) to future therapists and counselors. 

    3. Justine Ang Fonte

    Justine Ang Fonte smiling
    Dorie Hagler / Via

    Sex educator and activist Justine Ang Fonte has made headlines recently teaching board-approved sex ed to Upper West Side private school juniors and seniors on consent and pornography literacy when parents complained about her Zoom class. A Dalton school representative stated to the New York Times that Fonte "'helped to develop an exemplary K-12 health and wellness program' and that her work should not be 'overshadowed by unwarranted misinformation and hateful rhetoric.'" Everything Fonte taught followed National Sex Education Standards and World Health Organization guidelines. 

    The Filipino-American immigrant holds a master's in public health in sexuality from Columbia University and is dedicated to sex-positive education that prioritizes consent and safety to help young adults and children navigate the world in the most informed, age-appropriate manner. She also ghostwrites responses to help people handle difficult breakups and emotional situations. 

    4. Asa Akira

    pornhub podcast with Asa Akira
    Pornhub / Via

    Veteran adult entertainer (stripper, dominatrix, porn star) Asa Akira helms The Pornhub Podcast, where she chats with sex workers, activists, and friends about the adult industry, race, LGBTQ representation, and more. 

    5. WeezyWTF + Mandii B

    WeezyWTF and Mandii B smiling

    WeezyWTF and Mandii B of the Whoreible Decisions podcast create a platform for holistic Black sexuality, where everything from sex work to kinks, polyamorous relationships, and the business aspect of sex is discussed. The pair launched their podcast in 2017 while working full-time corporate jobs under monikers that protect their professional privacy and now they've both blossomed into accomplished businesswomen and sex-positive activists carving out a lane for Black representation in media and sex activism. 

    6. Jessica Stoya

    7. Andrew Smiler

    Andrew Smiler
    Ken Bennett / ©WFU/Ken Bennett / Via

    With much of the focus on relationship and sex education for heterosexual women, it's important to promote relationship and sex education for men (beyond Joe Rogan bro science). Andrew Smiler, PhD, is a licensed therapist specializing in men, adolescent boys, and masculinity. Smiler focuses on a holistic approach to masculinity and sex for young men and tackles issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. He addressed “what does it mean to be ‘man enough’?” at TEDxGreensboro in 2020 and has authored award-winning books like Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy.

    8. Jet Setting Jasmine

    Jet Setting Jasmine posing
    Tarrice Love

    Jet Setting Jasmine is a licensed clinical therapist specializing in Intimacy Post Illness and Intimacy Post-Injury. She co-owns award-winning adult film company Royal Fetish Films with partner King Noire, and the duo's commitment to film, art, and sex education manifests in educational, stimulating erotica. The pair's work on the Decolonization of Sex & Porn and Politics has been featured on major outlets like Huffington Post, Vice, Forbes, and BBC. 

    9. Dr. Evan Goldstein

    10. Senti Sojwal

    Senti Sojwal in denim jacket
    Senti Sojwal

    India-born, NYC-raised writer, sex educator, and activist Senti Sojwal advocates for reproductive justice through an intersectional lens. Sojwal serves as creative director at women's health startup Tia and is a cofounder of the Asian American Feminist Collective, a grassroots gender justice group dedicated to collective liberation for AAPI communities.

    11. Stevie Boebi

    12. Ericka Hart

    13. TripleXTransMan

    Trip Richards posing
    Trip Richards

    Trip Richards, aka "TripleXTransMan," is an award-winning transgender male adult performer and activist. In addition to creating steamy XXX content for his site, he works to further awareness and understanding of transgender advocacy, body positivity, adult work, and general sexual health education. He believes, "Through my work as a model I can make a mark upon the world while also supporting myself in a career I feel passionate about."

    Are we missing some great sex educators that you want us to know about? Let us know in the comments!