These 13 Sex Educators Are Teaching People What They Really Need To Know When It Comes To Sex

    Teaching sexuality from all angles.

    The United States is known (and mocked in many Western countries) for having an abysmal sexual education system, particularly in public schools.

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    But! There are people out there doing their best to help us all understand sex and our bodies a little bit more. Here are some diverse, sex-positive educators and activists fighting the good fight and making America a safer place to play that you should know about!

    1. Michelle Hope

    2. Sister Nurse Joy

    sister nurse joy in drag

    3. Justine Ang Fonte

    Justine Ang Fonte smiling

    4. Asa Akira

    pornhub podcast with Asa Akira

    5. WeezyWTF + Mandii B

    WeezyWTF and Mandii B smiling

    6. Jessica Stoya

    7. Andrew Smiler

    Andrew Smiler

    8. Jet Setting Jasmine

    Jet Setting Jasmine posing

    9. Dr. Evan Goldstein

    10. Senti Sojwal

    Senti Sojwal in denim jacket

    11. Stevie Boebi

    12. Ericka Hart

    13. TripleXTransMan

    Trip Richards posing

    Are we missing some great sex educators that you want us to know about? Let us know in the comments!

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