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    The 20 Best C-Dramas To Watch On Netflix Right Now

    Drama, intrigue, courtship, no particular order.

    Netflix is inundated with a plethora of Chinese-language dramas — aka C-dramas — you can lose countless hours in.

    Here are some standouts to browse:

    (Warning: I reveal a bias toward fantasy and historical C-dramas.)

    1. Use for My Talent (2021)

    use for my talent intro gu ren qi and shi shuang jiao

    2. Word of Honor (2021)

    Word of Honor Zhou Zi Shu

    3. The Rational Life (2021)

    Assistant struggling with woman

    4. The Rise of Phoenixes (2018)

    Ning Yi bowing

    5. The Ghost Bride (2020)

    The Ghost Bride netflix opener

    6. The Untamed (2019)

    The Untamed Amazon Promo Image

    7. Eternal Love (2017)

    Eternal Love Bai Qian and Ye Hua together

    8. Meteor Garden (2018)

    Meteor Garden Netflix promo shot

    9. Ashes of Love (2018)

    Ashes of Love Jin Mi and Xu Feng

    10. Handsome Siblings (2020)

    Handsome siblings together

    11. A Touch of Green (2015)

    Guomingtang air force pilot

    12. Detention (2020)

    ghost of student in Detentino

    13. The King's Avatar (2019)

    Ye Xiu's gaming team

    14. Well-Intended Love (2018)

    actress looking at Ling Yi Zhou in car

    15. The Fierce Wife (2010)

    An Zhen speaking to cheating husband

    16. The Little Nyonya (2009)

    Yue Niang looking earnest

    17. The Princess Weiyoung (2016)

    Princess weiyoung navigating treachery

    18. The Dream Job (2016)

    old rich man and his fake daughter

    19. Unrequited Love (2019)

    Lou Zhi looking sad

    20. Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures (2019)

    princess being selected to go into the palace