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32 Baby Animals With An Opinion About Syria

Should the US get involved? Let's ask this baby monkey. (All opinions taken from the comments section of New York Times articles).

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15. "Now that $100 million that the US will be giving to aid the Syrian refugees is fine. But I've just had it with another intervention in another war. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I learned that in Vietnam."

16. "Syria is another artificial country ... born from the WW I secret Sykes-Picot agreement and created at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. The mistakes made in 1919 are being played out in the killing fields of Syria and Iraq."

23. "It is hardly ever mentioned that climate change in Syria virtually destroyed its agricultural economy, wiping out 80% of livestock, and driving a migration off the land and into cities, over the last decade. it is a major cause on the unrest in Syria."

30. "The situation with Syria is a game of chicken and the U.S. cannot afford to swerve. To do so would send a message to the world that would greatly damage a key deterrent that many criminal actors across the globe still fear: U.S. military intervention."

32. "What President Obama is likely to do is perhaps the only practical option open at this time, since sanctions and international condemnation have not worked and Russia will block any action via the UN."

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