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32 Baby Animals With An Opinion About Syria

Should the US get involved? Let's ask this baby monkey. (All opinions taken from the comments section of New York Times articles).

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1. "Isn't it about time that we let some other countries be the world's police for once?"

2. "No matter what we do we will lose."

3. "If we don't show al-Assad that he has gone too far, he and other dictators around the world will repeat this type of heinous crime again but on an even greater scale!"

4. "What is the rush, Mr. President?"

5. "Where are America's national interests in Syria? Is this not the same reason Obama did not support our efforts in Iraq?"

6. "My perhaps barbarous opinion is that a pinpoint accurate missile directed to the skull of Mr. Assad would be of great benefit to world peace."

7. "Building an airtight case against the Assad regime does not have to mean building a case for war. International pressure can take many forms."

8. "There should be no airstrike against Syria by the US even if other nations are willing to join in."

9. "Why do we feel we are in charge of the world?"

10. "Do not commit an act of war against Syria without the approval of Congress and the American people. We do not want another Iraq."

11. "Innocent people are going to die as always. We forget about them. Where is our decency and compassion?"

12. "To choose between an evil dictator or the rebels (terrorists), I choose neither.... Let them fight their own civil war between themselves."

13. "I think personally it's a good idea we are heading into Syria to defend the people. We are showing that we don't allow other countries to kill their people while the world stands by and watches."

14. "What tragedy and inhumanity."

15. "Now that $100 million that the US will be giving to aid the Syrian refugees is fine. But I've just had it with another intervention in another war. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I learned that in Vietnam."

16. "Syria is another artificial country ... born from the WW I secret Sykes-Picot agreement and created at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. The mistakes made in 1919 are being played out in the killing fields of Syria and Iraq."

17. "Who's responsible for this tragedy? Assad or the helpers of the so called rebels?"

18. "Like most Americans, I don't know what to do about Syria."

19. "The plight of these children, all the other refugees, and Syria itself, is terrible."

20. "Well it is good that we are giving more money to Jordan for the refugees as they are bearing the brunt of the problem."

21. "I don't know what can be done, but I am fearful."

22. "Why aren't the Arab regional governments, who happen to be far wealthier than the US, helping? They could take refugees and provide billions in humanitarian aid."

23. "It is hardly ever mentioned that climate change in Syria virtually destroyed its agricultural economy, wiping out 80% of livestock, and driving a migration off the land and into cities, over the last decade. it is a major cause on the unrest in Syria."

24. "I'm still dead set against America intervening in the Syrian civil war despite the growing humanitarian crisis which is caused by all the sectarian violence on both sides."

25. "Whoever carried out the August 21 chemical attacks did so to provoke a military response from the United States. Their target was Obama's infamously muddled red line."

26. " If a military strike is made, chaos and an intensifying of the Syrian civil war will likely ensue. So be it."

27. "These military actions always have been, always are, and always will be bad ideas."

28. "I'm torn in half over this."

29. "Everyone knows that if they just sit on their behinds long enough, America will come to the rescue -- again. This needs to end."

30. "The situation with Syria is a game of chicken and the U.S. cannot afford to swerve. To do so would send a message to the world that would greatly damage a key deterrent that many criminal actors across the globe still fear: U.S. military intervention."

31. "The U.N. and many nations statesmen should communicate the futility of continued warfare to Assad in an effort to gain peace in Syria."

32. "What President Obama is likely to do is perhaps the only practical option open at this time, since sanctions and international condemnation have not worked and Russia will block any action via the UN."

Oh you WOULD say that, Sunny!

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