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    17 Signs You're A Linguistics Major

    From phonetics to pragmatics, baby. How you know you've spent too much time thinking about language.

    1. You have a serious opinion about Chomsky.

    2. You begin every semester by learning the alphabet over again.

    And your friends are totally jealous.

    3. You've made the mistake of trying to do phonetics homework in the library.

    4. People always ask how many languages you speak

    5. There's no need to mention that several of those languages are dead.

    6. You're totally jealous of your baby cousin's language learning skills.

    7. You have awesome grammar.

    8. But you have no patience for grammar nazis, because linguistics is descriptive, not prescriptive!

    9. And you know English orthography is a total shitshow, so when it comes to spelling...

    10. You love finding little biases in the dictionary.

    Of course, you also hate it, because that's terrible. But you keep an eye out for them!

    11. You kind of want to do your thesis on internet-speak as a dialect of English.

    LOL i mean, I can't even. I literally can't.

    12. You could literally argue for hours about the word "literally."

    And your non-linguistics friends are like

    13. You have ALL the IPA shortcuts enabled.

    14. You hate that there still isn't an easy way to make sentence trees on Microsoft Word.

    15. When people ask about your plans after graduation, you tell them CIA...

    16. ... or academia.

    17. But actually you just want to travel the world and learn more languages.

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