15 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Secretly A Feminist

Has Taylor Swift actually been a feminist all along? Check out the evidence!

1. She knows that her shoe choices are hers and hers alone.

2. She puts her career first.

3. She isn’t ashamed to say she loves herself.

Little known fact: Taylor was talking into a mirror.

4. She is comfortable communicating her sexual desires and boundaries.

5. She believes in gender equality.

So much so that she dated a guy with the same name. What could be more equal than that?

6. She doesn’t listen to people who tell her women can’t be successful.

7. If someone hurts her, she knows she’s better off alone.

8. She goes out of her way to try to empower young girls.

9. She uses her success to support other women in her industry.

10. And of course, she has male friends too.

Because men and women can be friends!

11. She isn’t ashamed of her femininity…

12. But she has no patience for guys who don’t treat her well, and she knows exactly how to get revenge.

13. Not that she hates men, because that’s not what feminism is about.

14. Uh, what about the slut-shamey vibe of “Better Than Revenge”?

Well, we all make mistakes…

15. Whatever. She looks great in menswear.

Oh, girls can’t wear ties? That’s the patriarchy telling you that!

So what do you think? Is Taylor Swift a feminist?

I think YES.

(You know, maybe.)

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