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What's Your DnD Character's Zodiac Sign?

Look. You know you love Dungeons and Dragons. You know you love astrology. It was only a matter of time before you took it this far.

Clara B. One month ago

Really Earnest Kids Rewrite "When I'm Gone" For Local Politician

I'm not sure whether to laugh, cringe, or vote for Don.

Clara B. 5 years ago

17 Signs You're A Linguistics Major

From phonetics to pragmatics, baby. How you know you've spent too much time thinking about language.

Clara B. 6 years ago

Meet Chris Ayer, Your Newest Musician Crush

Come and take a gander at one of New York's most swoon-worthy singer-songwriters.

Ruby Gordon 6 years ago

32 Baby Animals With An Opinion About Syria

Should the US get involved? Let's ask this baby monkey. (All opinions taken from the comments section of New York Times articles).

Clara B. 6 years ago

16 Pandas Who Understand Sylvia Plath

And maybe it would have been better if they didn't. Stay away from The Bell Jar, pandas!

Clara B. 6 years ago

15 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Secretly A Feminist

Has Taylor Swift actually been a feminist all along? Check out the evidence!

Clara B. 6 years ago