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3 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Love

When we fall in love our body creates several hormones, such as "phenyletulamine" the love and well-being hormone. We can also find it on chocolate which could explain why we eat a lot of chocolate bars during a break up. That said scientists are not sure that there is enough phenyletulamine inside to feel any real effect. In this article you will understand where love comes from but also why we look for it. Enjoy!

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1. The Origins of Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is the 14th of February, the moment that singles catch each other’s eyes and fall in love is a commercial thing. Originally, Valentine’s Day was celebrated in Ancient Rome in the form of a pagan festival, marked between the 13th and 14th of February, named the Lupercalia festival after Lupercus; the god of fertility. Goats were sacrificed for the skins to be worn by priests and young males ran naked around the city. Young women would intentionally get in their way as they believed this would help them to receive the gift of fertility.

Valentine had no link with this story. We know several Valentine’s, but the most likely of them to have a link with Valentine’s Day was probably a third century priest who performed weddings in Rome to prevent young boys going to fight in wars. When discovered by the emperor that Valentine was performing secret weddings, he was killed and died as a martyr. The church replaced the pagan worship of Lupercalia with Saint Valentine’s Day, which was seen as more noble.

2. Love as a Drug


It is scientifically proven that love is a drug. Amongst all of the chemicals that our body produces when in love, there is a hormone created by the brain called ‘oxytocin’. Spending time with the same person encourages our body to produce more of the ‘oxytocin’ hormone. Similarly, when we are away from our lover, our body does not produce enough of these love hormones so we feel a loss. Over a prolonged period of time in a relationship when these hormones are not being produced and the feeling of love disappears, we become more lucid and start to think more clearly. It is in this time that many couples choose to separate and look for new lovers.

3. Chemical and Evolution Mechanism

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Falling in love is not magical, it is chemical and it is an evolutionary mechanism of our human species. From an evolution point of view, our existence has only one goal; to procreate. This enables the human species to survive through time. A baby cannot defend by themselves; they are too fragile and therefore rely on two parents to give them the best chance of survival. A single parent cannot, at the same time, shelter them, watch them, feed them and protect them from dangers. When humans lived in nature the main phenomena that kept both parents together was love. Evolution is smart in that love for each other prevents the man from getting another woman pregnant. Brain alchemy makes parents addicted to each other and feel hurt if they separate. Part of the reason for this is to keep them together for the upbringing of their child and to protect the future of their species. After 3 or 4 years a child can take care themselves with only the help of one of the two parents. This can mean that the parents do not sustain their love anymore and do not feel any attraction.

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