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    The 12 Geekiest DIY Friendship Bracelets

    Who says you need friends to wear a friendship bracelet?

    1. Gameboys

    Get this old-school pattern here.

    2. Pac-Man

    This retro pattern features Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

    3. The Legend of Zelda Heart Containers

    Pay tribute to the best ocarina-based Nintendo 64 game with this pattern.

    4. Hello Kitty Storm Trooper


    This pattern has the perfect combination of cute and poor aiming skills.

    5. Pokeball / Via

    Get this minimalist Pokemon pattern here.

    6. The Reddit Alien

    Did you know that the little Reddit alien on this pattern has a name? Meet Snoo.

    7. Super Mario Super Mushroom

    Power up with this pattern.

    8. Angry Birds

    This pattern features Red, one of The Blues, Chuck, and a Minion Pig.

    9. Tardis / Via

    This pattern is perfect for the Doctor Who fan in your life.

    10. Captain America

    This Captain America-inspired pattern is the perfect patriotic friendship bracelet.

    11. Pythagorean Theorem

    This pattern is the easy solution for cheating on your eighth grade math test.

    12. Adventure Time

    This pattern features Jake & Finn.

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