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    18 Signs You're Addicted To "The Sims"

    Because life is more fun when there's cheat codes.

    1. You know what a PlumbBob is and get annoyed when it's spelled incorrectly.

    2. Slow loading screens are the bane of your existence.

    3. You get genuinely sad when one of your Sims dies.

    4. Alternatively, you actively try to kill your Sims in creative ways.

    5. You know more about your Sims family history than your own.

    6. You listen to the Sims soundtrack even not playing.

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    7. You know all the cheat codes by heart and that anyone who plays without TestingCheatsEnabled is a fool.

    8. You know pears are really Life Fruit.

    9. You watch the same TV shows as your Sims.

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    10. You know where to get all the best custom content and where to get The Sims 3 Store stuff for free.

    11. You wish there was a triple speed button in real life.

    12. You're convinced you understand Simlish.

    13. This has happened to you.

    14. You know the best first dates are the ones that go: awkward small talk about dollar signs and clouds, first kiss, wedding.

    15. You own all the expansions.

    Except the Katy Perry ones because you know they’re literally the worst.

    16. You've ever spent more time building the perfect dream home than actually playing.

    17. You’ve ever called it WooHoo in real life.

    18. You begin to suspect you're living in someone else's Sims game.