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    14 Moments That Made You Keep Watching "Hart Of Dixie"

    The best show on television featuring Summer Roberts as a doctor in Alabama.

    1. When Wade pretended to be a cowboy.

    2. When Zoe dumped water on Wade, and Lavon was amused.

    3. When Wade wore these jorts.

    4. When Wade wore these cat burglar-patterned boxers.

    5. When Wade put on a clean shirt.

    6. When Wade checked out his own chest.

    7. When Wade and Zoe had a shaving cream fight.

    8. When Wade posed with some salad.

    9. When Wade opened this door.

    10. When Wade showed off his green towels.

    11. When Wade went for a swim.

    12. When Wade hung out with Lavon and ate an orange.

    13. When Wade painted while wearing headphones.

    14. When Wade got caught in the rain.