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12 Cities With Incredible Street Art That Will Make You Want To Travel

The best art doesn't charge admission. Save some cash by skipping the museum.

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1. London, England

Berit Watkin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ben124

The early stomping ground of the notorious, and anonymous, street artist Banksy, London is also home to Shepard Fairey, creator of Barack Obama's iconic HOPE poster.

2. Bushwick, Brooklyn

The Bushwick Collective / Via Facebook: TheBushwickCollective

Home to The Bushwick Collective, among other artists and groups, this section of Brooklyn is a standout among New York's huge street art scene. Take a free tour or discover the newest artwork on your own.


5. Berlin, Germany

Sometimes the ickiest art is the most thought-provoking. Berlin's street art scene developed from Berlin Wall-era protest art, famously lining the East German side of the wall, part of which can be seen in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg neighborhood.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Hilde Skjolberg / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hebe

Prague's Lennon Wall, aptly named after a graffiti portrait of John Lennon and later used to protest communism, is continually repainted, acting as a symbol of global peace.


10. Lisbon, Portugal

Manuel Faisco / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: arteurbana

Lisbon has a long history of street art, dating back to the 1700s, after all-white buildings were rebuilt with colorful paint and tiles following an earthquake.

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