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And I Am Telling You, Diva Tag Style

Featuring Kate Pazakis and Marty Thomas, crazy singer with the titles of Mr. Broadway and StarSearch Jr. winner (back in the day--he beat out Britney Spears).

Claire W. 10 years ago

Tone Matrix

One of the most distracting audio toys I've seen in a while.

Claire W. 10 years ago

Jazmine Sullivan at 11 in The Wiz

Before Jazmine Sullivan was an R&B singer, she was singing The Wiz and her elementary school. And boy was she singing it!

Claire W. 10 years ago

Mommy Time

singlehandedly one of the all-time weirdest videos I've ever seen.

Claire W. 10 years ago

Free Beats

awesome beatboxer shockwave (of freestyle love supreme) sets up a "free beats" station in nyc's union square. Pretty Epic.

Claire W. 10 years ago