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Tbh I did miss the beginning of the episode so that's a bit of a bummer. Not really selling this bunch of thoughts too well lol.

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* DISCLAIMER - I have a deep respect for all the contestants on Masterchef despite how much I may roast them.

* Wow who knew so much would happen over the Masterchef break.

* It has been a wild ride.

* Who will I offend tonight with my sarcastic nature where I write tweets about an actual cooking competition where the whole idea of it is to get your food judged?? Lets find out.

* Show me what you got.

* (I missed the first half of the episode but this is what I gathered from twitter)

* I love how the Masterchef twitter account live tweets the show like a person who is just a casual viewer who hasn't seen the episode. I mean the people/person tweeting would have to of seen it because they have all the gifs ready to go.

* Pia hasn't made any doughnuts to test. That's a bit of a thrill seeker move in my opinion.

* I want to eat all the food. None of this taste 5 business.

* Unpopular opinion: I love pineapple on pizza.

* Masterchef is losing viewers to dr who.

* Eloise won the advantage? - Never a real advantage.

* She picked tofu to hero??? No it’s halloumi, I couldn’t see properly lol.

* As a vegetarian I am VERY familiar with halloumi.

* I used to not like the rubbery texture but I don’t mind it now.

* Lee puts too many ingredients in his dish - forgetting that the halloumi needs to be the star. Quickly gets rid of the fish. Good for you Lee.

* Eliza is worried her dish is too simple. Maybe she should use the fish element Lee isn’t using anymore.

* George’s face when Pete is talking about the crumbs of halloumi he is serving for his halloumi dish. Pete quick replace your meat steak with a halloumi steak.

* Pete hoping that his last minute additions of halloumi will be enough is a strong indication it wont be enough.

* Aw Pete buddy - I mean you did forget to hero halloumi but remember you only have to be not the worst in the elimination.

* Sarah and Eloise did good. They championed and heroes that halloumi.

* Beneita is finding her mojo tonight! Something Lee and Pete left in their other pants.

* Mmm the vegetable halloumi stack looks really good tbh - like hearty. Bummer the halloumi has been lost. Matt rips into the dish. #sad #YouWouldPayALotOfMoneyForItInASydneyCaffe

* “Fingers crossed hoping someone else” does worse.

* Gary puts his spoon into Pete’s dish like it’s some crumpled leaves found in the forest.

* Eliza’s dish killed even though the whole challenge was spent by a constant cross to her post production shots talking about it being too “simple”.

* Lee, Pete and Ray are in the bottom. No shockers there.

Final Thoughts

* Tomorrow nights elimination looks good. Love it when they have to keep up with Gaza.

* I am so tired. Can they air Masterchef in the afternoon lol.

* I predict that Lee will be eliminated. Based on no real facts.

One of the pressure tests should be to see how much haloumi you can eat in an hour. #masterchefau

The face every contestant makes when they get told they didn't hero their 'hero ingredient' #masterchefau

Matt Preston was dressed tonight by every teenage boys bed spread from the early 00's #MasterChefAU

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