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Episode 3 was WILD. There was success, failure, a funny British accent, misdirection, an attempt to poison the judges and most importantly crying.

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The dish they made if anyone cares

How sensational are these Firecrackers looking?! 💥💥💥 #MasterChefAU

* This season of Masterchef may make me fat from having to continually eat throughout the episode but it wont make me shop at Coles. #Woolies4lyfe

* Fk I just read a tweet that said there are 172 more episodes of Masterchef!!!??!! My fingers will fall off from all the typing.

* The narration for the recap of yesterdays episode is extra sexy tonight.

* Emily will get the last apron calling it now. - Also calling it they will give out an extra apron because surprise’s are fun.

* Gary states the obvious.

* The dessert chef with edgy haircut causes contestant to cry just from walking in the room. Dramatic much, the contestant in question isn't even in the challenge tonight.

* Lets just all take a second to imagine what Anna Polyviou’s hair looks like without the gel.

* I am always so underwhelmed when they cut into things. I always seem to wish it's like a bunch of oomph loompas dancing or something.

* HAHA the dish takes 3 and 1/2 hours. Do all the other contestants have to also stand for this long.

* Very anticlimactic countdown by Anna.

* Christina sounds like she is going to cry in her post-production head shots.

* British man screws up early in the cook. Tbh this is the time to screw up buddy. Fail hard, fail early, fail often - my high school vice principals wise words.

* HAHAHA British man makes the same mistake twice what a bloody noob. 3rd time is the charm I guess.

* In his 3rd attempt British man heats up milk successfully #masterchef #winner #material #just launch the confetti now he is legit just so amazing

* Brendan didn’t roast his chocolate properly. The main element of the dish. Maybe that is why he is so sad in the post production cuts.

* British man’s t-shirt looks like a Masterchef bandaid wrapped around his whole body.

* British man want’s to make his dish just like Anna’s?? He does know that's the whole aim of the pressure filled game.

* “Do me a favour and read the recipe” - fkn savage m8 calm down we get it she fk’d up big time

* Coco butter, coco powder. Tomato, Tomatoe.


* “You’re doing well” - Anna you don’t have to lie, we don’t care about hurt feelings here.

* Wow Emily with that sauce pan is like a modern day Macgyver.

* Omg i think Emily has stuffed up the order.

* AHAHAH she did she forgot a crispy disk at the bottom and there is no way to put it in.

* British mans apron chances are looking better and better.


* Christina using the word frazzled is so strange because she is literally the coolest cucumber ever.

* Except now Christina is reading the recipe like how I read the marshmallow question in the 2016 general maths paper. - confused, v confused

* Christina stuffed up big time. This is why she is on the verge of tears every post production clip.

* Lolol Emily’s thermometer was in F not C.

* British man is killing the game. His cylinder is so cylindrical.

* Omg Christina is killing me.

* Oh no.


* I don’t think your dish will get you an apron either Christina.

* HAHAH George’s face is like well you fk’d up and that’s bummer but I don’t care that much because I am busy underpaying my staff.

* “Don’t give up hope” HHAHAHA George why you lying to her face m8???

* Ok I need to stop. Christina has done a fine job it seems very stressful in that kitchen. To many cooks in there if you ask me.

* Brendan's mouse has cost him the cook.

* We all know that Christina’s 2 layers of toxic plastic on her dish is what has cost her the cook.

* 3 anonymous cooks go up with pretty dishevelled fire crackers.

* Emily is going home because she forgot the end disk I reckon and British man will survive another day.

* Oh wait I totally forgot about what I said at the beginning of the episode. The producers have had me misdirected.

* British man and Emily will get in.

* OHHHHHHHH SHIIIZZZ - I mean the episode isn’t over yet but it seems like only British man has gotten in.

* They could still prank her.

* Nup, it’s too late. Emily has definitely not made it in.

* Bye gal.

Final Thoughts

* YASS now the real cooking begins!

* We have our top 24!

* Literally didn’t even look at the judges outfits.

* Episode was definitely an improvement on last night.

* I am really enjoying the graphics on the plate dropping for the ad for tomorrow night.

* 8.6/10


I'm v excited to find out whether #austwitter can sustain its High Energy through the next 172 episodes of #masterchefau. I think yes.

fuck that - I can’t believe they are not painting the decorations themselves - amateur hour much? #masterchefau

I'd make this dish like I build IKEA furniture. There's throwing out the instructions, crying, an Allen key ends up in an eye. #masterchefau

Sorry, everyone knows, men cannot do two things at once..One step at a time mate, #MasterChefAu

Dear #Masterchefau, we need name tags on the contestants. Even a headband with a name will do. Hard to write smartarse tweets without names

"Do me a favour and read the recipe that I slaved for weeks to perfect. kthanxbai" #masterchefau

Flavour is important, yeah, that delicious acetate flavour. #masterchefau

I thought for sure Emily was going through given how heavily she featured in the edit. I guess it was just to build suspense. #MasterchefAU

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