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Episode 2 was pretty chill, not enough tears in my opinion.

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* “I want one (apron) really badly” - Do you hear this? She wants one realllly bad just give it to her.

* Ugly shots of Melbourne.

* Dramatic shot of aprons - only 4 left and there is a bunch of people still standing about.

* “Yes George!” - Did they practice that?? That was weird and uncomfortable

* Whats under the black cloth?? Maybe its a lime or maybe a lemon?? I don’t know the ads didn’t spell it out enough.

* Maggie Beer is still alive!! This is such good news!

* The contestants who haven’t made it in yet are sporting aprons that look like the new Maccas outfits.

* OMG the very explicit ads wen’t lying it is lemons “hero-ing” the dishes!

* Verjuice joke lolol.

* The people already in have to stand for 75 minutes #would prefer to be cooking.

* Sarah 100% gets in, they have shots of her backstory.

* Sarah takes a “simple approach” to food. Sarah let me remind you that someone literally made a golden ball yesterday, if your thing is “simple” MKR is on channel 7.

* Eliza has a Maggie Beer cookbook in her kitchen. #hmmm #conspiracy

* Who is making the lemon risotto tho?

* British man is homesick. #bummer

* British man has only been here for 5 years. #stealing fair dinkum Aussies chances to be Masterchef contestants

* Holy fk the ice cream isn’t churning!!!!!!!!! Wot did u say British man only just not enough time to churn that icrecream???!?!?!

* British man isn’t looking too hot atm.

* Excited for the blast chiller to be used at the last minute.

* Damien or Damo as I will call him is a typical af Melbourne lad with tats, thick af man bun and hipster glasses.

* DAMO is whipping out the verjuice to impress a special someone I reckon.

* Lee claims he is from Perth but he sounds a lot like British man, Aaron.

* “Don’t open the oven!” - Open the oven George for a prank lol.

* Emily’s broth is not tasting right!!! She adds more salt.

* Maggie and Matt go in for the taste. They fkn hate it.

* Emily looks stressed.

* People on twitter dislike the word “hero” when discussing the main element of a dish so I think we should all start saying protagonist instead.

* LemongrASS saves Emily’s ASS.

* Eliza is so calm and cool.

* Contestant realises that the food has to be cooked in time and taste good???? That’s a lot of pressure tbh.

* Tastes dish at last minute and it’s crap. Lee you're an idiot sandwich.

* The biggest joke of the episode is the Coles ad in the break saying you can buy “fresh” ingredients from their stores. #sure m8

* “The lemon butter sauce is way to lemony” - Wot m8, it’s literally all about the lemons.

* Don’t let this dish “be your Masterchef epitaph” - Epitaph Matt? This is the most wanky word I have ever heard - fire the person who wrote this because I know it wasn't you.

* Lolol Damo is about to serve up overcooked pork. Wouldn’t want to get Damo’s pork on ya forks.

* The moment of truth, has British mans ice-cream set?? - It has he’s all good in the Masterchef hood.

* Dessert gal makes yummy dish. #boring

* “They ate my food” - Bro that’s literally their whole job. Just nom nom nom all day everyday.

* Maggie Beer takes Lee on a wild ride but in the end his lemon butter sauce is up to taste.

* 2nd use of the word “restrained” in relation to food tonight.

* “That broth has to be bang on” - The broth, luckily for you Emily is a BANGER - here is your apron.

* The pace picks up and we run through a montage of the people who are in the middle 6 who weren’t spoken to throughout the whole cook.

* The judges scoff their faces with British mans dish. He is safe another day in this country.

* Damo is going up!! - They love the sauce but maggie says what we are all thinking (because Damien literally said so before) his pork is over cooked.

* “I want it inside” - Maggie Beer 2017

* Eliza’s profiteroles were good and she is given an apron.

* Lee is also given an apron.

* 3rd and final apron? - British man for sure.

* And in classic masterchef style they cut to an ad.

* Oh no I forgot about Sarah. Sarah got it. That makes sense.

* Maggie is just raving about the coconut ice-cream, funny when Im pretty sure the challenge was about lemons or something.


* Damo and 2 randoms are eliminated.

* What the heck the challenge tomorrow night looks ridiculous tbh.

Final Thoughts

6/10 episode - I need more drama tbh - more fire - more tears and more things getting dropped on the floor

Good Tweets from the tweeter

Um substituting lemon for lime is hardly a "massive risk". Substituting a liver for a heart transplant is a massive risk #masterchefau

It's soul crushing witnessing the moment when contestants realise that if they cook badly they probably won't win. #MasterChefAU

"This is MasterChef so I need to take my lemon cake to the next level. I'm going to put it inside a Golden Ball" #MasterChefAU

#masterchefau requires a percentage of #Gonski funding to educate the masses on nouns and verbs.

#masterchefau light bulb moment....."taste your food"...looked like he'd just been hit in the face by a huge Alaskan salmon.

I heard if you get eliminated from #masterchefau Ja Rule takes you to Fyre Festival and makes you cook for your life. Can anyone confirm?

Sorry Lee good but not good enough, no 457 for you, back to Ireland #Masterchefau

George would def pay you $6 an hour to make those profita rolls @ThePressClub #masterchefau

#masterchefau now that the crappy apron stuff is done I can start focusing on who im going to dislike the most this year

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