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Evil number 13. Tonight was interesting and literally so stressful I need to go to sleep rn.

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* Starts believe it or not with a recap of last night. Tbh should just be a link on the screen to my recaps. It may be a bit more effort for viewers but more entertaining.

* Andddd the b roll footage proves that yes we are still in Melbourne.

* “Nice pin!” - Under breath I h8 u

* “Team relays are terrifying” - How do you know. Did you practice this at home???


* The twist of todays relay episode is that the constants only know what team they are on just before they start.

* They get 15 minutes to cook and then 45 seconds to explain what the heck is going on.

* Hero hero hero hero.

* Benita is replacing any sugar with maple syrup, smart.

* Ben is being lazy and not setting up the dish properly.

* Interesting is always code for bad.

* I love the shots of the contestants running. It’s my cardio for the day.

* Problems brewing for the green team. But I don’t think they will loose because it would be too obvious.

* The Yellow team is looking stressed and I'm sure the producers want that immunity pin gone asap. Eloise is on that team.

* Sarah is on top of things as usual.

* Hahaha Trent has used the freezer not the blast chiller.

* Sarah has frazzled the heck out of Michelle in that change over.

* Michelle is using the excuse of not expecting savoury as her excuse for stuffing up this cook.

* Bryan is killing it as usual.

* Oh no. Handing over the information that the jelly is runny to the last cooker with 15 minutes to go is not a good idea. Take responsibility for the jelly!!!!!

* Michelle is just murdering that dish.

* Karlie is taking charge - finally. We need some direction after Michelle’s go.


* I wonder if the contestants in the tv room know the people on the tv can’t hear them???

* Ray is last. Get ready for a stack to be presented for the red teams dish.

* Pete is attempting to save the green team. Go Pete.

* Legit the amount of energy in the tv room.

* “Ray is moving like a sloth”

* “The crumbs are going to make the foundation” - HHAhaha I was joking but this sounds a lot like a stack.

* Oh no Ray has forgotten the jelly.

* I feel the red team has sank.

* The yellow team has killed it. Probably because BRYAN is on the team that son of a gun.

* I am afraid to roast Benita because people will come for me. But tbh she did set this train wreck up.

* The judges - luckily for ray love the red teams dish.

* Yellow is safe.

* I missed it but the blue teams pork was dry. (Because SOMONE not naming names - Michelle cut the pork up too much)

* Luckily for blue, green team is going into the elimination.

* Aw no poor Benita - sometimes you gotta think inside the box.

Final thoughts

* Aw yiss it’s bidding with time tomorrow I love that.

* More of Pete tomorrow love that guy.

* If he goes home I will sue channel 10.


It's my turn to cook! 😂 yellow team and it's a DESSERT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😅🍦🍰🎂 #MasterChefAU #teamchallenge #maplechallenge

I wonder if John knows that he’s a #masterchefau legend almost as well known as greats like Po and that Eurovision fanatic?

Did Michelle have a traumatic experience with a savoury dish as a child and now she suffered some sort of PTSD or what #MasterChefAU

Matt Preston WOULD own a pocket watch. #masterchefau

This challenge is like every uni assignment when you end up doing all the work and the rest of the group are dropkicks #MasterChefAU

Karlie bout to be that one in the group project who cracks it and just writes the whole damn thing herself #MasterChefAU

Poor pete in another elimination AGAIN #MasterChefAU

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