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Believe it or not someone had to go home tonight and it was George, because his food made people sick ):

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* Pete and ray have already been in a pressure test?? They need to get their acts together fast.

* Ahh yes Andy Bowdy. I have definitely heard of him. (Sweats nervously)

* Hahah Eloise, “I follow him on ig” - Modern day fan gal.

* We got a whole episode of Pete talking and I'm excited.

* Andy has a thickkkk beard. You could get lost in there.

* The top of the cake looks like a “cakey garden” - Pete

* The cake is “pretty bloody impressive” - Pete

* None of the contestants have made a cake this high??!?!??!? What n00bs. I make 10 inch cakes every night for tea.

* Believe it or not the cake just has a bunch of shiz in it. Just a bunchhhh so many things todo.

* “It’s really yum” - Pete. Pete you are a wordsmith you should replace George when channel ten get fed up with his drama.

* I legit don’t even think I could stand up for 4.5 hours let alone cook for that long.

* I don’t want to call it too quickly but I think Pia goes home.

* “I guess my belly drove me to cook good food” - Pete

* “I get me self a pineapple” - Pete on getting a pineapple.

* Talking about how calm and on top of things Ray is. FORESHADOWING FAILURE

* Pete’s pecans are underdone and not coated properly ):

* Fk Pete has burnt his 2nd batch of pecans.

* Pete-cans are now a thing.

* Pete should just mix his under cooked pecans and over cooked pecans to create the perfect blend of pecans.

* Petes not looking too good at the moment.

* Pia’s trying to cut corners with her custard.

* Everything is going suspiciously well for Ray.

* Pia’s meringue is grainy. Mmm yum.

* And there we gooo Ray’s cake is going to fall over because his layers are bad.

* Ray don’t force your cake!!!

* Ray’s cake will fall, the only question is when??

* Pete uses the word “finesse”. Hawt love a man with a thesaurus.

* They all decorate their cakes really fast.

* Of course George got the burnt pecans. Luckily he luvs them.

* The cake did not fall I am shooken.

* I really feel the flavours in Ray’s cake will save him and Pia will go home.

* Bulges. Just the word bulge has been used so much today and I am uncomfortable due to its connotations.

* Pia knows she is fk’d but is at peace with the matter.

* 5 minutes to go. Who will go home??

* Not Pete. Pete will live to cook another day.

* I was correct again Pia has been eliminated. An old person bites the dust in classic masterchef form.

Final thoughts

* Literally no crying. What was up with that? I want tears.

* This episode was pretty predictable, Pia was a little too sad in the post production shots.

* This episode has reaffirmed my love for Pete.

The contestants in the title sequence who aren't cooking anything must feel ripped off #masterchefau

I think I got diabetes just looking at that cake... woah #MasterChefAU

Ray's stacking, he should be in his alament #MasterChefAU

An engineering degree required to construct this cake I think!! #MasterChefAU

Ray trying to fix his cake #MasterChefAU

How is Ray 42 years old?! He doesn't look a day over 25! #MasterChefAU

that bizarre shot of Matt licking the tips of his fingers ruined any appetite I had for this cake #masterchefau

That stupid Swisse ad...didn't George's restaurant just poison 90 people? 🤔 #masterchefAU

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