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Episode 4 was literally 2.5 hours long and tbh I am not even mad it was a crazy roller coaster of emotion.

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* “explosive extravaganza” - Nice alliteration.

* “calmly clench” - ???? Who thought this was a good use of alliteration??

* Katy Perry will soon be able to get that second indoor pool in her home because of all the sweet MasterchefAU theme song royalty money.

* British mans real name is Arum??

* The contestants are giddy with the fact they aren’t on an episode of pranked and this is really Masterchef.

* There are too many contestants rn. We need a new plague. Classic pep talk from the judges.

* A past contestant is returning… Who will it be??

* It’s last years winner. Lol I really thought that guy with the spooky eyes won tbh.

* Sneaky chap in the back asking what’s in the mystery box. - Calm down ma8 it’s a mystery.

* Callan talks about his fears of boxes. Also Callan’s name is Callan not Callum. Weird.

* In classic mystery box style there is food underneath the box.

* In my opinion the mystery box challenge is a scam because even tho you win an “advantage” the person always manages to fk it up.

* Eliza is over explaining the fact that if her chocolate lava cake doesn’t lava that will be bad. I think they will taste her dish and it will lava well. #preditions

* Bryan is literally the most happiest jolly man I have ever seen. He is like a cuter version of Matt.

* Benjamin is realising that his idea of “pasta” isn’t as a unique idea as first thought as 50 other people are also doing pasta. - He is pretty sad about that. Don’t worry Ben you’re still a special snow flake even though your ideas are unoriginal af.

* Ray - the plate dropper has only been watching since season 2!! Not a true fan clearly.

* Lee doesn’t know what he is cooking yet. Classic mistake. The judges literally only care about your conceptual thoughts about

* Benita referring to the crabs as “little buddies” makes me sad. Friends don’t eat friends.

* Gary calls Ben’s pasta “raggedy”. Not really a glowing review is it.

* Ben blames the pasta maker for his shit pasta. Take responsibility for your pasta Ben.

* Benita - “I just wish a big hole would open and swallow me up”. I am going to get this tattooed on me.

* Benita is fking up bad. Classic old people.

* Bens pasta still sucks.

* I missed a bit making this meme.

Like for more fun times!!

* Only 10 minutes to go!! Lets get cracking kids.

* Lee’s not sure about the

* Lee should have spent his time on less things rather than making 15 bowls of stuff.

* Ben’s bench buddy saves ben’s already flop of a pasta.

* Ben is trying to blame his bad pasta on over cooking when we all know it was over for him long ago.

* I feel that Rashedul is going to drop his plate soon!!

* Omg it’s happening.

* Everyone loves to blame the appliances tonight. First Ben with the pasta machine and now Rashedul is blaming the refrigerator smh.

* Rashedul don’t worry 10 second rule is in place tonight I think.

* Someone appears to have made a stack of Pringles.

* Rashedul only has a plate of sand to hand up tonight. #sad

* Bryan isn’t messing about tonight bringing his A game. Also bonus points because it's not pasta. It’s making me so hungry though.

* “absolutely on point” - What’s not on point is your knowledge of hip slang among teens.

* Speedy montage of all the people in the middle of the pack.

* Oft they are tasting Ben’s bad pasta.

* “You have criminally over cooked the pasta” ARREST HIM FOR PASTA MURDER - (Just read a tweet reminding me that Ben is a solicitor so this joke is even better).

* Benita’s roti wrap looks like the lunch in the lunch boxes in the ads on tv trying to sell rice bubble bars.

* Eliza’s lava cake is oozy.

* HAhaha Lee “1% chance of not being in the bottom 4” - Those are not very optimistic odds.

* What Rasedul is definitely going to be in the bottom 4?? This is such shocking news. I am shook to my core.

* Callan’s dish sounds pretentious as fk. - But it’s good.

* Bentia should have “accidentally” dropped her dish on the floor honestly.

* Predictable bottom 4.

* We are now allowed an intimate look into the home of the contestants.

* Rashedul describing him dropping the dish for the 100th time is the most dramatic thing ever. The footage has like black and white edges. Feels like someone has died.

* How do we decide who goes first? A knife fight to the death!! Ready set go!!

* The contestants have to pick one ingredient they can see which then comes with another ingredient that both need to be HEROED in the dish they cook.

* “The garden is in play”

* Benita has never made earl grey ice-cream?? What a fkn noob.

* Rashedul is running around the pantry like he has time to run around the pantry.

* Rashedul’s kid is also just as cute as before.

* Yesss the blast chiller is being used by Benita.

* Hey is Ben Greek??

* Benita’s ice cream is going into a sandwich. Can she stop preparing school children’s lunches!! This is master chef m8.

* Ben has what is known as a pomegranate epiphany and puts in pomegranate because

* Benita’s ice-cream may be an ice-cream puddle tonight.

* Benita needs to stop watching the ice-cream because a watched ice-cream machine never freezes.


* Fk Ben does some fancy af pastry rolling.

* The producers area really not letting Rashedul’s dropping of the dish down. It has been brought up about 2000 times now.

* Rashedul almost cries but luckily George is there to comfort him. Thanks george.

* Ice-cream, custard. Potatoe, potato.

* Ben is using his greek heritage to excuse the fact his dish looks like something you buy at 12am after getting kicked out of the clurb.

* At the beginning of this elimination I didn’t really care who got eliminated but I now want both Ben and Benita to go home.

* Benita describes her ice-cream sandwich as a “really good idea” - Hmmm ok Benita. Ok.

* George is horrified by Ben’s dish.

* “I just look at that and it honestly looks like a train wreck” - Spoken by a man hurt by what Ben has done to his Greek heritage.

* “And I was going to!!” - Serve the dish how it is meant to be served.

* George is being so passive aggressive.

* “It may look like a dogs breakfast” - A glowing review thanks Gary.

* Gary thinks saying “bloody hell” is swearing????? Fuck Gaza you're wild, plz reign in that potty mouth.

* The produces resisted the temptation to put in Rashedul dropping the plate again. Good for them.

* Oh shizzz can’t taste the peppercorn in Rasheudl’s dishhhhh. Awww shizzzz m8. You meant to be hero-ing those flavourzzzzs.

* Lolol Benita is up next - saving the best till last I see. Makes sense.

* This episode of Masterchef has been going for 2.5 hours. I have a 9am tut tomorrow. I need to sleep asap.

* Gary is literally describing how bright and fresh the peaches look?? Did Benita have anything todo with growing or picking those peaches??

* Ohhh shizzz the judges actually really like her dish.

* Oh Fkk I think Rashedul is going home because he stuffed up pairing the flavours.

* RIP Rashedul. Where was the peppercorn.

* Excited to see his little where is he now message at the end.

* Rashedul has completed work experience (yeah so have I in year 10) and is looking forward to opening something about food, I forgot what it said.

Final Thoughts

* Not enough crying.

* Devo to see Rashedul go. His kid was so cute. Hopefully he will be the contestant to win their way back into the competition whenever that happens.

* Petition to shave Ben’s scraggly ass beard.

Someone tell Matt an old rat died on his face. #MasterchefAU

Does tonight's show REALLY go until 10pm??? #MasterChefAU

Why is cucumber close to Elena's heart? #masterchefau

"The mystery box is the scariest thing I've ever come across" said someone who must have lived life in a padded room. #masterchefau

The only way Rashedul's disaster could have been more heartbreaking would be if his adorable son was there to watch #masterchefau

#MasterchefAU criminally over cooked. Geddit. Because he's a lawyer #MasterChefAU

A fucking wrap on #masterchefau?! This isn't #MKR. Benita should be immediately walked off set.

Benita is making sandwich! Didnt we learn from #WrapGate #MasterChefAU

Benita, stick a straw in it and call it a thickshake! #masterchefau

Gary thinks saying bloody hell is swearing????? Fuck Gaza you're wild, plz reign in that potty mouth. #masterchefau

Has Betina never watched #masterchefau before??? This is the moment you're meant to start crying to save yourself #MasterChefAU

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