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140 Most Popular Xmas Toys

All of us will remember the feeling of pure adrenaline as you frantically pulled your presents from under the Christmas tree at the crack of dawn on Christmas day to see what Father Christmas had brought you.

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140 Most Popular Xmas Toys

99 Years ago, Crayola crayons were recognised as one of the first ever Christmas toys, and as you all know, are still going strong today. In my opinion, Crayola are individually responsible for introducing the majority of children to the word ‘cerulean’. This was closely followed by the original toy car, a die-cast version of the Model T Ford; this car spawned the famous words of Henry Ford, who said “People can have the Model T in any colour, so long as it's black”. The eponymous teddy bear shortly followed, which I’m sure is one of everybody’s favourite childhood toys.

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