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Plants Vs Zombies - End Of Humanity

So what do you think? who would kill us quickly or more effectively? plants or zombies. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and are both pretty terrifying, well killer plants are, not your average weed.

Claire Stokoe • 4 years ago

Koala On Invisible Mobile Phone

"Yeah ... reception is terrible... I will call ya back"

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago

A Baby Bill Lumbergh

I saw this kid and he instantly reminded me of the character from Office Space Bill Lumbergh. It cracked me up so i had to share

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago

15 Game Of Thrones Animal Doppelgängers?

Game of Thrones characters and their animal twins. From Tywin to Daenerys. Game of thrones fan's will not be let down.

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago

Dogs Wearing Pantyhose & Tights

A range of amusing pictures of domestic dogs wearing ladies stockings and pantyhose

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago


She is a chihuahua who looks like a doberman. She is 6 months old and tiny.

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago


She is slightly mental and always has her tongue out

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago

140 Most Popular Xmas Toys

All of us will remember the feeling of pure adrenaline as you frantically pulled your presents from under the Christmas tree at the crack of dawn on Christmas day to see what Father Christmas had brought you.

Claire Stokoe • 6 years ago

Funny Fake Movie Posters

In order to promote his up and coming Musical, “Madea’s Big Happy Family”, Tyler Perry (African-American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author, and songwriter) has been spoofing this years Oscar nominated films. As a promotional stunt, Tyler Perry has recreated the classic movie posters for hailed movies such as The Godfather and Black Swan.These ads are hilarious renditions of the best screenplay nominees and are highly creative!

Claire Stokoe • 8 years ago

How to Survive a Ghost Attack On a Spaceship

When the term ‘ghost’ gets a mention, I don’t know if I’m alone here but the words ‘Casper’ and ‘friendly’ seem to come to mind along with visions of Patrick Swayze in his hey day. At first mention,I just don’t associate ghosts the same way as I do other obviously spine-chilling suspects like zombies, vampires and aliens. Maybe it’s because they aren’t usually visually terrifying (obviously the pesky devils are invisible or transparent and so don’t have the demented ‘I’m gonna hurt you’ look down).

Claire Stokoe • 8 years ago
Say OMG • 8 years ago

15 WTF Frozen Foods

You thought the Digiorno's Cookie+Pizza combo was bad? Check out these other frozen aisle misfires. (Via)

AwesomeRobo • 8 years ago

Pug Sayz No More Bisquitz!

pug is upset by the substanded dog food he has been served.

Claire Stokoe • 8 years ago

Ebay Stop Motion Viral

A viral advert made for ebay Cick the HD button to make the picture clearer and larger

Claire Stokoe • 8 years ago

Reason #12458 To Drop Out

Drop out now kids, don't be this guy. Be me or at least be my friend; Facebook me. [ via Geekologie ]

Hate Dinosaurs • 8 years ago