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6 Things Not To Do On Valentine's Day

It's soon Valentine's Day ... Date feared by all couples! The lazy, the fear of doing something wrong and the lack of preparation invaded you ... I understand you know I understand ... So! To save yourself so much trouble, I create this article to help you! Enjoy You must follow to the letter these tips if you intend to spend a good evening and do not annihilate your chances of concluding tonight ... I have concocted a fabulous list of the 5 things not to do for Valentine's Day

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1. Do not go out to eat somewhere! Especially not ... What idea ?!

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First, it is very complicated to get a place in a restaurant and very expensive that night. Moreover, you risk losing your evening because you will quickly realize that it is very depressing to watch the other couples around you who are so bored. Preparing something at home will be better, really.

2. Offer chocolates. No!

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Don’t do it! Gift trap and typical cliche of Valentine's Day ... It only serves to make your partner more fat and to pass you for someone without personality, so don’t

3. Do not go see Fifty Shades of Grey. Do not even think about it. Just don’t.

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4. In the same logic, forget the match PSG-FC BARCELONA! Do not talk about it. EXCEPT if your partner is a devoted football fan of course! ;)

5. Do not forget to have sex! This is probably your best opportunity if your partner is a little tired lately and she (or he) is neglecting you ...!

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6. BUT, do not forget to protect yourself, to create a child on a whim has never been a good idea

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