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    • clairem45

      If you truly want to understand the situation in Thailand, please watch this.
      Since the Military has taken over in Thailand,the cities have become much safer and peaceful. These ‘Red Shirts’ who call themselves Democrats that are doing the hand sign get paid by Thaksin Shinawatra to come out to protest.
      Another great source of REAL information about the situation is from Michael Yon:

    • clairem45

      I would like to correct this “The BBC reports the altercation took place when pro-government supporters were on their way to a rally, and were attacked by students – shots were later fired.” That is completely wrong. Anti-government protesters have always protested in peace without any weapons. The trouble started when Red Shirts in the Ramkhamhaeng area were found kicking and destroying an image of The King and an image of Kind Ramkhamhaeng who is the symbol of the university. That is when the students started to protest and soon after shots were fired by Red Shirt protesters. Students were trapped in the university, they were surrounded by Red Shirts and were unable to get out. And as for the medical attention that was needed, an ambulance couldn’t get into help the wounded as Red Shirts were purposely blocking the way. Also, students and people trapped inside called the police but no one came as they said they were “stuck in traffic” however, there were police around the university protecting Red Shirt protesters and did nothing to help the students. Some police officers were even seen taking off their uniform and putting on a Red Shirt which they then helped contributed in shooting the students. If it weren’t for the King’s Army who came to Ramkamhaeng University on Sunday morning the violence probably wouldn’t be over and there would possibly be more casualties. Journalists, where are you getting your sources from? The government? The police? Think again.

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