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  • Free Cheeseburgers For Belfast’s Best Workers

    A restaurant based in Belfast city centre is giving away free cheeseburgers to businesses in the city who’ve recently had business success. To provide a morale boost for the city and recognition of the good business that it achieves, Belfast burger restaurant, City Picnic, who serve “The Best Burgers in Belfast,” will choose one business per week to giveaway free cheeseburgers to its’ employees. The weekly prize can be rewarded to companies for anything as little as reaching the department target, to winning regional awards for their overall company. City Picnic has stated; ‘We want to reward the frequently unnoticed good work being done in Belfast, a vibrant small city full of great people. This way all types of workers and companies can be rewarded. The winning company is notified only by a sign which will be placed outside their workplace front door on Monday morning, and will stay there until Tuesday evening. We want passers-by to read the sign and see what business happens there, and that they’re doing a really great job! A little pat on the back in the form of a free cheeseburger is a sure fire way to set your work week off right.” To put your business forward for the prize email

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