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19 Things Only People Who Grew Up In Ayrshire Will Remember

Forever pining for Frosty's Ice Disco at the Magnum Centre.

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1. Drooling over the window displays at Togs Café.

One of the most famous west coast Italian cafés (named after its owner Mr. Togneri), Togs in Troon will forever be remembered for its hot doughnuts, Vimto in glass bottles, and proper Scottish seaside sweeties.

3. Skating the night away at Frosty's Ice Disco.

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From its grand opening in 1976 (when it was the largest leisure centre in Europe) to its closure in 2016, Irvine's Magnum Centre gave us swimming lessons, gigs and, of course, the wonder that was Frosty's Ice Disco.


6. Living on a staple diet of chips and cheese.

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A vital defence against the post-Bobby Jones or Pebbles hangover.

7. And getting an ice cream headache at Nardini's.

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No visit to Largs was complete without an ice cream sundae at Nardini's.


9. And peering at the mysterious Ailsa Craig.

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Didn't we all wonder if this strange mushroom-shaped island in the sea was home to wild beasts? Because it definitely was.

12. Carefully navigating a way into Greenan castle.

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How do we get in? Can we beat the tide? When is it going to fall into the sea? Oh-so-many questions from a visit to Greenan castle.


13. Cheering the taxis covered in balloons.

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Since 1946 (when hospitalised kids with T.B. were the V.I.P. passengers) Glasgow taxi drivers have been decorating their cabs and driving kids with additional support needs to Troon for an annual outing. And there was nothing more fun than being part of the welcoming committee.

14. Spending summer days strawberry picking in Monkton.

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For some reason, we thought picking 480 punnets of strawberries was worth the 50p paycheque. We're definitely owed some backdated minimum wage payments.

16. Being super disappointed with the Electric Brae.

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South Ayrshire's "gravity hill" optical illusion might be a tourist attraction, but as kids it definitely left us feeling short-changed. It's literally just a road, guys.


17. Buying tatties from the howkers outside Girvan farms.

The Ayrshire potato is world famous, so we have a lot to thank those tattie howkers for. Plus, the tatties make great chips, so our hangovers have a lot to thank them for too.

18. Getting the train to the big city.

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Seriously, it was like going abroad. And it was a sign that you were truly "grown up" when your parents let you into Ayr alone, or with your pals.

19. And, of course, paddling in the sea, whatever the weather.

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Rain, hail or shine, if you grew up in Ayrshire you were ankle-deep in freezing sea water as often as possible. We're made of tough stuff (must be all the tatties).