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What Are Your Holy Grail Products For Winter Traveling?

Because bulky sweaters take up a lot more space than swimsuits.

SooOoooOOoo you saw a dirt cheap flight to somewhere amazing and immediately booked your ticket.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / Via

Only to realize the travel dates are for January - March, which means more cold weather.

@libbyvanderploeg / Via

But places can be even more amazing in the winter than in the summer, you just have to plan accordingly.

@iamcardib / Via

Do you have a favorite coat that's as comfy and versatile as it is chic?

Beyoncé / Via, Hunter Boots / Via

Maybe a piece of luggage you can't live without?

HBO Entertainment / Via, Away / Via

Or packing tips since bulky sweaters take up more of your precious space?

Whatever hacks and holy grail products you have that make winter traveling easier, we want to know about them!

Kielh's / Via

So tell us about your winter travel tips and products you swear by (and why they work for you) and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed post!