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    This Is What Ursula Would Look Like If She Lived In Different Ocean Environments

    Yes, it's octopuses and not octopi. I promise.

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    We all know and love Ursula.

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    She's definitely among the top five Disney villains of all time. Just look at her! She's breathtaking.

    But have you ever wondered what Ursula would look like if The Little Mermaid had taken place in different parts of the ocean?

    Thankfully, aquarists at the ~legendary~ Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California — Alicia Bitondo, Chris Payne, and Bret Grasse — knew exactly how to help.

    In a tropical ocean, Ursula might have been modeled after the wonderpus octopus.

    Disney / Andrea Hickey for BuzzFeed

    The wonderpus is named for its WONDERful (get it?) coloration. Ursula would have had no problem seducing Prince Eric with all that extra legginess.

    If The Little Mermaid had taken place in a coral reef, Ursula might have been modeled after the blue-ringed octopus, which is about the size of a bouncy ball.

    Disney / Andrea Hickey for BuzzFeed

    Though it's totally adorable and tiny, the blue-ringed octopus is definitely one of the most deadly cephalopods out there. One bite from this creature and you're probably dead. DEAD.

    Living in the open ocean is treacherous, which is why Ursula could have been modeled after the glass octopus.

    Disney / Andrea Hickey for BuzzFeed

    Glass octopuses are almost entirely transparent, which makes it easier for them to live in an environment where there isn't much to hide behind.

    If we're talking about pelagic waters (basically anything that's NOT the bottom or top of the sea), Ursula would have made a beautiful blanket octopus.

    Disney / Andrea Hickey for BuzzFeed

    Immune to the venomous sting of jellyfish, blanket octopuses can actually rip the stingers off of jellyfish and attach them to their own bodies. And we all know dismembering a creature is totally something Ursula would do.

    Real talk, Ursula would be glorious as a colossal squid in the deep ocean.

    Disney / Andrea Hickey for BuzzFeed

    The colossal squid is not technically an octopus but it's still in the cephalopod realm, so bear with me here. A colossal squid would be the most terrifying thing ever because we know SO PRECIOUS LITTLE about these massive creatures. We do know that they are similar in length to sperm whales (about 40 feet); that sperm whales like to eat them; and because colossal squids don't really want to be eaten, colossal squids and sperm whales are constantly battling it out.

    We do know one thing for certain: No matter what ocean Ursula lived in, she'd still be fierce as all hell.

    Disney / Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

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