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    16 Truths Anyone Who Is Painfully Type A Will Understand

    You don't even really know what Type B is, but you know it's not you.

    1. You live and die by your calendar. If it isn't in your calendar, then IT AIN'T HAPPENING.

    http://@tracey.livesay / Via

    Color coded to perfection, obviously.

    2. You always end up telling your Lyft or Uber driver which shortcuts to take.

    Columbia Pictures

    They just don't know your town as well as you.

    3. You know exactly which friends you will and will not allow to drive you — and there are only, like, three.


    You keep running, detailed mental notes of who you'll never get in the car with again.

    4. But nothing compares to being in the passenger seat of your own car.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Everything feels wrong and is waaaaay too close to the right side.

    5. If you had a dollar for every time someone said, "Just let things be," you'd be rich.

    Tinder / Via

    TBH, it might be the most irritating and useless saying in the world.

    6. But the worst thing is when someone tells you to calm down.


    I penciled you into my life, Carol, and I can PENCIL YOU OUT.

    7. You've been known to write something on your to-do list just to cross it off, even if it's minor.


    Drink water. CHECK.

    8. Multitasking is your first, middle, and last name.

    @varootisonfire / Via Twitter: @varootisonfire

    ^ A true icon.

    9. Getting sick isn't an excuse to lie around, it's a time to start a business plan for that side hustle you've been thinking about.


    Make that money.

    10. You can't watch certain TV shows because the secondhand embarrassment makes you feel so uncomfortable.



    11. You can't help but smirk when you overhear someone bragging about how they finished holiday shopping in early December, when you've been done since Thanksgiving.

    @ObamaWhiteHouse / Via Twitter: @ObamaWhiteHouse

    AND you found 'em for cheaper than Black Friday prices.

    12. You always take charge in group settings because you can't stand the chaos and ambiguity of being leaderless.


    And how dare anyone try to take charge from you. It's not that you don't want other people to thrive, you're just so much better at it than them.

    13. You'll walk through a door before someone else, even if it's rude, because you can't stand the whole, "You go," "No, you go," "No, no, I insist you go" BS.


    14. Being inbox zero is the one and ONLY way to be because those red notification bubbles are the bane of your existence.

    OSX Daily / Via

    If you're not like this you're a monster. Fight me.

    15. While other people look at cats on the internet, you prefer satisfying pictures of color-coded things.

    16. It's weird when you hear people talk about the "downsides" of perfectionism, because for you, there are no cons and it's literally right in the name: PERFECTION.

    Star India / Via

    Being a perfectionist isn't a flaw, it's being the best.

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