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    This Artist Makes Insanely Accurate Knitted People

    Each one takes at least three months to make.

    Liisa Hietanen is a Finnish artist, who currently lives in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. She also creates ridiculously cool fiber people.

    Marjaana Malkamaki / Via

    Fiber people are sculptures made out of crocheting and knitting.

    Her work blew up when her brother, pictured here, posted it on Reddit.

    Marjaana Malkamaki / Via

    He was also her first model!

    She's inspired by the villagers around her, and Hietanen told BuzzFeed that by the end of the process she gets to know her subjects very well.

    Marjaana Malkamaki / Via

    When Hietanen finds a new subject for her art, she takes photographs of them from every possible angle. This is because creating a fiber person takes about three to four months.

    Hietanen told BuzzFeed that, "when I start making their faces and hands, I ask them to come over or we go for lunch, meanwhile I study their expressions and characteristics better."

    She uses rebar for internal strength and then uses cement to weight them in a specific position.

    Marjaana Malkamäki / Via

    After getting them into position and using foam and wadding to fill out the structure, she starts the crocheting and knitting process.

    The results are lovingly intimate, and Hietanen says that, "People often feel they know the person and their reactions are warm and familiar."

    Marjaana Malkamaki

    You can view more of her work on her website.

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