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    24 Mermaid Things To Have A Fintastic Summer

    Let these products be part of your world.

    1. A pastel unicorn pool floaty, who will become your new best friend.

    Price: $109

    Buy it here right here.

    2. Or a floating shell throne, so you can bask like the mermaid princess you are.

    3. The sweetest one-piece that ever existed — that will make you feel like the cutest mermaid who ever existed.

    4. A really, really pretty monofin to live your wildest mermaid dreams.

    5. This scalloped bikini top specifically made for women with bigger boobs, PRAISE THE LORD.

    6. A silky bomber jacket for those chilly summer nights.

    7. A pair of sandals to complete any pool party ~lewk~.

    8. This dainty shell compact for when you need to make sure your makeup hasn't sweated off in the summer sun.

    Price: £9

    Swoop it up here.

    9. This iridescent passport holder that adds that je ne sais quoi to all your summer travels.

    Price: $13

    Nab it here.

    10. These ~shellular~ phone cases, ideal for ignoring all those thirsty summer flings.

    Price: $38

    Pick the pink swirly shell here, and the mint one here.

    11. A bath bomb made of pearl dust and kelp to relax your inner sea goddess.

    12. A round towel, because no mermaid wants to be boxed in.

    13. A tank that ~subtly~ lets everyone know who you really are.

    14. A sunscreen that's safe for oceans and reefs so you can stay protected without harming your aquatic friends.

    15. This day-to-night bag that is the embodiment of a midsummer night's dream.

    16. This sporty set that is literal summer-mermaid-aethetic PERFECTION.

    17. A glass water bottle to help stop your plastic waste.

    18. A pair of cruelty-free hair products for those perfect mermaid beachy waves.

    19. A lightweight pair of leggings in a summery mermaid print.

    20. This adorable makeup bag, which could definitely double as a bikini bag.

    Price: $10.00

    Nab it here.

    21. One of these journals to write your crabby beach thoughts in.

    22. Some bottle openers that will add some mer ~flair~ to any summer BBQ.

    Price: $23 each

    Pick the mermaid up here, and the seahorse here.

    23. A sign that always points to the beach.

    24. These crazy pink sunglasses that'll make it look like you're underwater everywhere you go.