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    The Kid From “National Treasure” Is Grown Up And Still Totally Adorable

    From being in National Treasure to being a National Treasure.

    Remember National Treasure, that movie about a hoard of treasure that's hidden somewhere by the Free Masons and can only be found by Nicolas Cage (aka Ben Gates) stealing the Declaration of Independence and rubbing lemon juice all over our nation's most precious document???



    Well, IDK if you remember but at the beginning of the movie we saw Young Ben Gates creeping around his Grandfather's attic looking at cool treasure hunting stuff.


    That's him! ^^^^

    Well that was 13 years ago and Hunter Gomez (the actor who played Young Ben Gates) is now 26 and a lil' snack.

    Here's a side-by-side for comparison.

    @huntygomez / Disney

    He's been up to a lot since 2004, (like graduating college, with honors) and has super fond memories of his time on the National Treasure set.

    @huntygomez / Via

    His scene only took a day to film, (it was supposed to take two days) and Gomez told BuzzFeed that, "Jon Voight was the epitome of a class act. He was so kind and patient with me as a young actor. Years later I actually ran into him and I told him who I was. His eyes lit up, and he just looked at me and said, 'You grew up!'"

    And one of Gomez's favorite memories is with Christopher Plummer.

    @huntygomez / Via

    Gomez couldn't stop giggling and smiling when they were filming, and Plummer "gives me this warm smile, cups his hand around my face and says, 'This one’s got the giggles.'"

    Even though he didn't get to meet Nicolas Cage and Justin Bartha on set, he got to meet them at the premiere.

    @huntygomez / Via

    Gomez said that "Justin was hilarious, and Nic was just plain cool." He even got a pic with Bartha at the premiere.

    He got to keep some memorabilia, like the converse he was wearing on set, and other normal cast and crew stuff like jackets and posters.

    @huntygomez / Via

    Gomez told BuzzFeed that his "mom actually kept the baby blue shirt I auditioned in." She also helped him rehearse his lines in between set changes. Awwww!!

    Gomez is currently attending George Washington University in DC, and he told BuzzFeed that people ask him all the time if he's here to steal the Declaration of Independence.

    @huntygomez / Via

    He always says, "yes."

    Anyways, the more you know!


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