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    17 Adorably SpooOOOooky Knits For Halloween

    Skulls, ghosts, and witches — oh my!

    Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed / Nanette Lindeman / Anna Hrachovec - MochiMochiWorld

    1. A smiling skeleton friend to welcome guests.

    Tatyana Korobkova /

    Find the pattern right here.

    2. Or a friendly pumpkin!

    3. Fuzzy dissections that will also teach you some a-KNIT-omy.

    4. These little skulls that you can put everywhere!

    Ben Cuevas /

    This kit comes with everything you need to make two little skulls. Check it out here.

    5. A ~ghostly~ hat that will always keep you warm.

    Nanette Lindeman /

    You can knit up your own with the pattern here, or you can buy the handmade hats here.

    6. The ideal plant for plant-killers.

    Dawn Finney /

    Get the pattern here.

    7. Some extra squishy candy corns.

    Purl Soho /

    Real talk, candy corn is garbage, but this free pattern is amazing.

    8. A bunch of plump little pumpkins!

    9. A badass Princess Leia beanie for the baby in your life.

    10. This downright magical unicorn hat.

    11. An adorably squishy ghost.

    Dawn Finney /

    This adorable little fella is called Little Spook, and you can find the Little Spook pattern right here.

    12. A mini-monster mash!

    13. The perfect witch hat.

    14. This inside-out werewolf toy.

    Wattsolak Designs /

    The wolf is in the guy's BUTT.

    Buy the pattern here.

    15. These little pompom ghosties.

    16. A tiny Dracula (if regular ol' crusty Dracula is too scary).

    17. And remember, anything can be in the spirit Halloween as long as you've got the right color scheme.

    Knitsomniac Designs /

    Buy the yarn here.

    So go forth and knit my ghouls!

    Maverick Entertainment / Moomins / Via

    And may your yarn never tangle.

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