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23 Insanely Pretty Things Everyone Obsessed With School Supplies Needs To Own

Back-to-school shopping is the most wonderful time of the year.

1. A pretty, yet structured backpack to make it look like you've got your life together.

2. Some blush and gold marbled folders, for keeping papers nice and tidy.

3. A gorgeous pencil sharpener that lets everyone know you demand quality in every aspect of your life.

4. A 17-month agenda so you can keep track of your entire school year.

Snag it from Ban.do for $28.

5. A set of magnificent gold pens that you definitely won't be letting anyone else borrow.

6. An adorable flamingo pencil case with a pink tassel, for holding all your cute pens and pencils.

7. A college-ruled notebook with a secret message.

Buy it from Ban.do for $16.

8. This colored pencil set with a sharpener and ruler that is also the box lid, for maximum efficiency.

9. A transparent folio so you can make sure everyone sees your A grades.

Buy it from Ban.do for $6.

10. An emoji keyboard for your laptop, because just texting emojis isn't enough.

11. An insulated lunch bag so you will (literally) have the coolest lunch in the cafeteria.

Snag 'em from ban.do for $24 each.

12. This set of super-fine-tipped gel pens for maximum doodling control.

13. An erasable highlighter for when you get a little overexcited about studying and end up highlighting too much.

Snag 'em from Cotton:On for $2.99 each.

14. A breathtaking backpack that's fit for a queen. (Aka YOU.)

15. A tropical notebook that will leave you wishing you were on vacation.

16. A lovely pencil case that will make anyone who loves rose gold instantly happy.

17. A set of scented mini gel pens for color coding your notes...or doodling.

18. A set of gorgeous divider tabs for when the generic tabs just aren't enough.

19. A set of pencils that will always leave you feeling good.

20. A set of doughnut sticky notes for when you need a reminder to read your notes, and that you're hungry.

21. A set of over 700 stickers for making homework and decorating your planner so much more fun.

Get it from ban.do for $12.

22. This set of classy folders for when you've got filing to do but want to feel fancy as fuck.

23. This stapleless stapler that looks like a panda because how could you not???