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    Pokémon Mouths Are Here And Oh My God

    We did this to ourselves.

    So Pokémouths are a thing now.

    @jillianelizabethmua / Via

    We've seen lip art before but people are really taking it to the next level by painting entire Pokémon around their mouths.

    @madeyewlook / Via

    And, sure, we’ve seen people transform their entire faces into Pokemon-inspired makeup masterpieces before, but this trend is in a veryyy specific place. / Via

    Yup, Pokémon mouths are now a #hottrend.

    @beautyamateurhour / Via

    Bellsprout doesn't get nearly enough love, tbh.

    And they feature all the classic pocket monsters.

    @juliahersum / Via

    The all time faves. / Via


    @myboredom / Via

    And even the under appreciated.

    @beautyamateurhour / Via

    There are lots of Pikachus. / Via

    He's kind of a big deal.

    http://@miss.llee / Via

    Can we get her eyebrow secrets tho?

    Even pikachus in lip form.

    @bumblebee32 / Via


    @schwartzelynm / Via

    Pokéballs are another big theme.

    @thebeautynerd_nl / Via

    Pokéball lips, specifically.

    @jeanette_x3 / Via

    Like, so many pokéballs.

    @jenny060791 / Via


    @makeupbytaren / Via

    I wasn't lying.

    @jasmines_paradise16 / Via

    You do you, and catch them all in style.

    Cartoon Network / Via

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