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    21 Products For People Obsessed With Pit Bulls

    Aka every pit bull owner.

    1. A 2017 calendar that attempts to change the way pit bulls are perceived as scary, aggressive dogs, and that benefits the shelters that rescue them.

    2. A silly pillow, perfect for a nursery... Or your own bed.

    3. A color-coded collar so everyone can tell from a distance that your pit bull is friendly and eager to be petted.

    4. A "Don't Bully My Breed" doggy sweater that will keep your pibble warm during winter walks.

    5. A watercolor print that's as bright and goofy as your own pittie's personality.

    6. This organic cotton baby set with your favorite doggy printed all over.

    7. This necklace, which lets everyone know who really has your heart.

    8. A pair of enamel pins that helps rescue pit bulls in the Bay Area.

    9. A stuffed animal staffy that looks just like your real staffy baby.

    10. A handmade pit bull-printed doggy bandana that's reversible, so it's like two bandanas in one.

    11. This pit bull-printed dog collar to match the bandana, which is obviously necessary.

    12. These socks, which are a must have for every pit bull owner.

    13. A shirt that shows solidarity with greyhounds.

    14. A mug that lets Daenerys know she can keep her dragons because you've got your pit bulls.

    15. An enamel pin that shows your pibble is as cute as a dandelion.

    16. This book for coloring the nights away, preferably with your pittie sleeping in your lap.

    17. A sterling silver necklace that shows pit bulls have big hearts and lots of love to give.

    18. A cozy shirt showcasing all the various faces of pit bulls.

    19. A realistic pillow pet portrait, and while this isn't ~directly~ pit bull related, who wouldn't want a realistic pillow of their pittie?

    20. A print of a slightly ridiculous, if not utterly fabulous, pit bull because how could you live without this now that you know it exists???

    21. And finally, this handmade, 100% totally affordable ring, so you can carry a tiny version of your pittie everywhere.

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