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    22 Ways To Look Like A Mermaid Princess At Coachella This Year

    I've got glitter and crystals aplenty, I've got hair-chalk and bodysuits galore. You want iridescence? I got plenty. But who cares? No big deal, I want MORE!!

    1. Some glitter face sets to make your mermaid transformation 100x easier.

    2. This fanny pack, perfect for storing important thingamabobs (like your phone, tylenol, TP, earplugs, and bandaids) that you would definitely lose otherwise.

    3. These reusable water bottles with real quartz and amethyst crystals in them, that promise to ~infuse~ your water with the various power each crystal and combat negative energy.

    4. A sequin bodysuit that's comfortable enough to wear in the desert all day.

    5. This shiny portable charger for when your iPhone runs out of battery, because IT WILL run out of battery.

    6. Some chunky body glitter to put all over you until you glisten like a Mermaid Queen.

    7. A quartz barrette for keeping your hair out of your sweaty, beautiful merface.

    8. Some coral sunglasses for protecting your peepers against the harsh desert sun and wind.

    9. A slinky, shiny bodysuit for looking like a mermaid on land.

    10. A round towel that doubles as a blanket and perfect backdrop for Instagram.

    11. An iridescent mini wallet, perfect for holding essentials like credit cards, IDs, and your hotel key card.

    12. Some semi-permanent, super pigmented hair dye for getting the mergoddess hair of your dreams.

    13. Want something a little less permanent? Try Brite Organix hair chalk for that mermaid hair without the commitment.

    14. A moisturizing sunscreen — ideal for the harsh desert that'll make you feel like a dried fish — that'll also leave you with a slight ~pearly~ finish.

    15. An iridescent and metallic blue backpack for holding all your treasures.

    16. Some easily-washable hair glitter infused with super moisturizing aloe, that'll make your roots look so good, even Ariel will be jealous

    17. This stunning mermaid highlighter that'll give you that I-just-emerged-from-the-lagoon-even-though-I'm-in-a-desert-hellscape ~lewk~.

    18. A pair of studs that will send out rays of mermaid magic as they catch the light of the desert sun.

    19. A soft bandana in an oceanic hue.

    20. A pair of mermaid pasties for the inevitable, but unfortunate, nip slip.

    21. A set of A+ brushes to complete your ~*~mermazing~*~ Coachella transformation.

    22. And finally, this handmade mask that will give your face some much needed TLC after spending all day and night in the dusty desert.