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22 Ways To Look Like A Mermaid Princess At Coachella This Year

I've got glitter and crystals aplenty, I've got hair-chalk and bodysuits galore. You want iridescence? I got plenty. But who cares? No big deal, I want MORE!!

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1. Some glitter face sets to make your mermaid transformation 100x easier.

@dixiewolf / FromNicLove / Via, @dixiewolf / FromNicLove / Via

Buy the pink and tropical mermaid festival face packs from, FromNicLove for $28.41 each.


3. These reusable water bottles with real quartz and amethyst crystals in them, that promise to ~infuse~ your water with the various power each crystal and combat negative energy.

@glaccebottles / Via

And at Coachella, you need all the positive energy you can get. Purchase them from Glacce Bottles for $80 each.

4. A sequin bodysuit that's comfortable enough to wear in the desert all day.

6. Some chunky body glitter to put all over you until you glisten like a Mermaid Queen.

7. A quartz barrette for keeping your hair out of your sweaty, beautiful merface.

Divineyez / Via, Divineyez / Via

Get the blue titanium quartz and the raw quartz barrettes from Divineyez on Etsy here and here, respectively, for $30 each.


9. A slinky, shiny bodysuit for looking like a mermaid on land.

11. An iridescent mini wallet, perfect for holding essentials like credit cards, IDs, and your hotel key card.

12. Some semi-permanent, super pigmented hair dye for getting the mergoddess hair of your dreams.


13. Want something a little less permanent? Try Brite Organix hair chalk for that mermaid hair without the commitment.

16. Some easily-washable hair glitter infused with super moisturizing aloe, that'll make your roots look so good, even Ariel will be jealous

17. This stunning mermaid highlighter that'll give you that I-just-emerged-from-the-lagoon-even-though-I'm-in-a-desert-hellscape ~lewk~.


21. A set of A+ brushes to complete your ~*~mermazing~*~ Coachella transformation.

22. And finally, this handmade mask that will give your face some much needed TLC after spending all day and night in the dusty desert.

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