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18 Inexpensive Gifts For The Mermaid On A Budget

Cheap mermaids = best mermaids.

Alice MongKongllite / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This trio of iron-on mermaid patches so you can sport your mermaid flair wherever you go.

WildflowerAndCompany / Via

Get 'em from WildflowerAndCompany on Etsy for $14.50.

2. A gradient mug that really gets your aquatic ~aura~.

KathyWellerArt / Via

Get it at KathyWellerArt on Etsy for $16 and up.

3. This elegant pair of earrings, for when subtlety is your thing.

ModCloth / Via

Get 'em from ModCloth for $12.99.

4. Some handmade bath bombs in perfect oceanic hues, because even mermaids (and mermen!) need pampering.

MaidenHillFarm / Via

Buy 'em from MaidenHillFarm on Etsy for $2.35 and up, depending on the size.

5. A shell-print doggy bandana, because man's best friend is also a mer's best friend.

BourneWildPetWear / Via, Via

Get 'em from BourneWildPetWear on Etsy for $8.78 and up, depending on the size.

6. This iridescent, sparkly, glittery cell phone case that will be the envy of every mermaid, everywhere.

Amazon / Via

Buy it from Amazon for $6.99.

7. A dainty sterling silver and turquoise ring for an everyday sea-maiden look.

ChildrenOfFlowers / Via

Buy it from ChildrenOfFlowers on Etsy for $26.

8. This ocean mug, which doubles as a bowl (and comes with a whale-shaped spoon), is ideal for a mermaid with not a lot of kitchen space.

ModCloth / Via

Nab it from ModCloth for $17.99.

9. A whimsical mermaid necklace that reminds everyone of your true form.

ModCloth / Via

Get it from ModCloth for $19.99.

10. A color-changing sequin pillow that no merperson's house is complete without.

Tee Gaia / Via

Get it from Tee Gaia for $20 and up.

11. A simple phone case with a fish-scale print for that classy mermaid look.

JoyMerrymanStore / Via

Buy it from JoyMerrymanStore on Etsy for $29.50 and up.

12. This deep green lipstick, for when you're feeling more like a siren than a mermaid.

Forever21 / Via

Buy it from Forever21 for $14.

13. A shell-shaped necklace that really spells it out for everyone.

Via, ILoveCrafty / Via

Get it from ILoveCrafty for $15.60.

14. These iridescent fish-scale earrings that come in a gazillion colors, so you can match them with every outfit.

PassingThroughShop / Via, PassingThroughShop / Via

Buy them from PassingThroughShop on Etsy from $9.50 each.

15. A delicate trinket box made from real shells, for storing all your tiniest treasures.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Buy them from Urban Outfitters for two for $15. (They're on sale!)

16. A mermaid coloring book to calm your anxious mind and remind you that if you just keep swimming, everything will be all right.

Asos / Via

Buy it from Asos for $7.50.

17. This giant glittery shell necklace for when bigger statements are your thing.

CandyShockUK / Via

Buy it from CandyShockUK on Etsy for $17.91.

18. This shell tank top, because even mermaids get their yoga on.

PurushaPeople / Via

Buy it from PurushaPeople on Etsy for $44.

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