26 Beauty Products That Will Make You Feel Like A Mermaid Princess

    Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? You need it all to make your collection complete.

    1. This makeup brush collection that comes in a perfect shell case.

    2. A hydrating seawater stick that cools and refreshes your skin.

    3. This festival pack, that comes with four pods of various gems/glitters, and mermaid-ready eyelashes.

    4. This iridescent shimmery cream lipstick, that is simply mermaid perfection.

    Pick it up from Too Faced for $22.

    5. This handy little clam that makes cleaning your makeup brushes a splash.

    6. A 100% kelp mask for ultra hydration and instantly glowing, mermaidy, skin.

    7. Some breathtaking handmade and 100% vegan eyeshadow, in the perfect shade for any mermaid.

    8. These gorgeous little hair pearls that will upgrade any 'do.

    9. These illuminating pearls that will have your face looking bright and gorgeous.

    10. This trio of lipsticks that capture the bright beauty of coral reefs and tropical fish.

    Buy them from Jeffree Star Cosmetics for $18 each.

    11. LUSH's cult-favorite solid shampoo, made from sea based ingredients, that promises volume and shine for your mermaid tresses.

    12. This handmade mask has only 100% Hawai'ian ingredients and will leave you looking like a merqueen.

    13. This handmade and cruelty free nail polish that won't harm your fishy friends.

    Buy it from I Love NP for $12.50.

    14. This duo of highlighters will ensure you have that mermaid ~aura.~

    15. A coconut-sea salt spray, so you don't have to sacrifice softness for those perfect mermaid waves.

    Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $15.

    16. This fatty pearl that's a makeup remover and cleanser, but mostly just a big fat pearl.

    17. These holographic and iridescent lip glosses that are the essence of mermaid glamour.

    Buy 'em from FierceMagenta on Etsy for $9.69.

    18. Some temporary hair shadow, for when you want mermaid hair but can't commit.

    19. This two-toned, handmade, and vegan eyeshadow that will leave your lids looking like you rose out of the foam like Aphrodite.

    Buy it from MoonGlimmerCosmetics for $5.50.

    20. This shelly makeup brush roll.

    Get it from Spectrum Collections for £24.99.

    21. Some all-natural seaweed soap that will leave you with perfectly moisturized skin.

    22. Some cruelty-free dry shampoo, for when your mermaid hair needs a little pick-me-up.

    23. A bottle of little pearls that will make any mani into a ~mermaid~ mani.

    24. This ocean salt scrub from LUSH that pulls away impurities as it balances and brightens your skin.

    25. A mask made from the sea, that promises a ~radiant~ glow.

    26. A pack of sand dollar soaps so your guests can feel like mermaids too.