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    I Used Only LUSH Hair Products For A Month And Got The Best Hair of My Life

    Big hair, full heart, can't lose.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    Hi, it's me, Claire, your Oily Queen, and I've struggled with my fine, limp, tangle-y mop of extravagantly greasy hair for my whooooole life.

    I've heard from multiple people that they love Lush's products, so I decided to try using a Lush haircare routine to see if it could help with at least one of my hair problems.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    AND BOY DID LUSH PROVIDE! They sent me:

    * Big Shampoo ($29.95)

    * Jersey Bounce Shampoo ($19.95)

    * Roots Hair Treatment ($22.95)

    * R&B Hair Moisturizer ($25.95)

    * No Drought Dry Shampoo ($8.95 for 1.9 oz)

    * American Cream Conditioner ($10.95)

    * Sea Spray Hair Mist ($16.95)

    * Big Solid Conditioner ($12.95)

    * Sunny Day Anti Static Hair Detangler ($20.95)

    * And the "Yuge" Hot Oil Hair Treatment ($10.95)

    And I'll just get straight to the photos here because Lush gave me the volume I had only dreamed of.

    To the left is me without any Lush hair product, to the right I used the Big Shampoo, the Big Solid Conditioner and THAT'S IT.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    Here's a slide-y, in case you wanted a closer comparison.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed / Via http://
    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed / Via http://
    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed / Via http://

    This time I used the Jersey Bounce Shampoo, the American Cream Conditioner, AND the Sea Spray Hair Mist. Notice the beachier waves and fuller texture.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    Again, no Lush on the left, with Lush on the right.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed / Via http://
    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed / Via http://
    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed / Via http://

    The Yuge Hot Oil Treatment took a while to dissolve, but made my hair suuuuper soft.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    Look at that shine! (My hair shine, not my face shine). You can tell my hair looks more moisturized and less frizzy after using, especially the ends. The Yuge Treatment made way more than I actually needed, and I loved that I was able to save it and use it over and over.

    My hair definitely deflated after the first day, and while the No Drought Dry Shampoo did it's job, it wasn't any better than other dry shampoos I've tried.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    It was cheaper though! The only dry shampoo I really love is Bumble and Bumble's Prêt-à-powder but it's $28 for 2 oz, which compared to Lush's No Drought at $15.95 for 4.6 oz, makes Lush's a significantly better deal.

    The Roots Hair Treatment felt like it worked the one time I used it, but I kept forgetting to put it on (it needs to sit for 20 minutes) before showering which made it hard to incorporate into my routine.

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    Dayum it did make my hair look good though. In the above pic, I used the Roots hair treatment, the Big Shampoo, and the Yuge Hot Oil Treatment as a conditioner. I also didn't love the R&B Hair Moisturizer or Sunny Day Anti-Static Detangler because I felt like they didn't do anything for me.

    Overall I’m incredibly pleased with the quality of the Lush hair products!

    Claire de Louraille / BuzzFeed

    Virtually all of them were knockouts in the volume department, although my favorites were Big and Jersey Bounce shampoos and the Yuge hot oil treatment, even though I mostly used it as a regular conditioner. Something that I didn't anticipate was how little of the products I needed to use to get their full effects. With other shampoos I feel like I need to shampoo twice to really get my hair clean, but with Lush I only needed to wash once.

    While I still haven't found something that will help curb my excessive head oil production, I can’t go back to looking like my hair lost its will to live. I’ll definitely keep using Lush’s hair volumizing products.

    If you have any questions, Lush holy grails you wanna talk about, or anything that will help with my greasiness, please let me know in the comments!

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