24 Photos Of The Wildest And Most Wonderful Fashion From The Hello Kitty Festival

    Sparkles, sparkles everywhere.

    As longtime Hello Kitty fanatics, we knew we were in for a treat at the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival, but the passionate fans and fashion blew us out of the water.

    1. For instance, there was this Hello Kitty dress — made from Hello Kitties.

    2. Then there was this Badtz-Maru wonder.

    3. Then there were the fans — some of whom looked like real fairies.

    4. And some fans, like this pair, who were so cute they looked like they popped out of Hello Kitty's world!

    5. We encountered the cutest Twin Stars duo ever.

    6. This woman's magnificent mane and doughnut dress left us speechless.

    7. This lovely group of friends slayed with their own styles.

    8. We couldn't resist taking a picture of this hooded beauty!

    9. She was so coordinated, even her nails matched!

    10. These women were straight up fabulous.

    11. Then there was this elegant princess, who was so sweet even Keroppi did a doubletake.

    12. Entire families were getting into the Hello Kitty spirit.

    13. These two best friends made the most adorable duo.

    14. These two Gudetama and Chococat fans showed off their crafting skills.

    15. She even did her own nails!

    16. This stylish Hello Kitty fan knew how to pose.

    17. Oh yeah, we also ran into Jhené Aiko.

    18. This sugar and spice team was everything nice.

    19. There was this magnificent duo, who knew how to rock their angles.

    20. This fancy queen rocked electric violet hair like nobody else.

    21. This woman channeled Hello Kitty's British heritage — and looked damn good doing it.

    22. This woman proved you can be a tomboy and rock Hello Kitty in style.

    23. This adorable couple had it going on.

    24. These ladies looked as sweet as cupcakes.

    The Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival is on tour until November 1, 2015.

    Check out the tour schedule to see when it's coming to an area near you.