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    Just 18 Painful Experiences That Will Make Crafters Sigh and Say, “Yep, Been There”

    You haven't lived until you've experienced a third-degree burn from a glue gun.

    1. Burning yourself on your hot glue gun and getting a blister.

    @missamber26 / Via

    2. Or accidentally supergluing your fingers together.

    3. Running out of yarn for a project, only to realize that that specific yarn is discontinued, so you gotta use the closest yarn you can find but it's just not the same.

    @nittanyknits / Via

    4. When there's a mistake in a pattern you bought and now what you made is all messed up and you don't know how to fix it AND NOW YOUR MOM WON'T GET HER SHAWL IN TIME FOR HER BIRTHDAY.


    5. The all-too-frequent stab wounds you endure for your art.

    @azukibeads / Via

    6. Going into Michaels for one quick thing and seeing a long-ass line.

    Universal Pictures

    7. Going into Michaels for something, but you can't find it, and you can't find a single employee to help you.

    @steph_tessier / Via

    8. Finding out that someone didn't close the glue all the way and now it's all dried up RIGHT when you need it most.

    @johnny_prov / Via

    9. Squeezing a little too hard on your glue bottle and having it all sploop out.

    @dragonyss / Via

    10. Accidentally buying the off-brand tape, which never does the trick.

    @launderedcotton / Via

    11. When people pronounce it "Modge Podge" instead of its rightful name, "Mod Podge." IT'S MOD PODGE, PEOPLE.

    @doodlemv / Via

    12. When you use "washable paint" and yet everything is stained for the next four days. 🙃🙃🙃

    See you in court Palmer Paint Products

    13. Completing a project only to realize you miscalculated the sizing.

    @ktarara / Via

    14. Going into Michaels and forgetting your coupons.

    @taty_ry / Via

    15. OR EVEN WORSE, when you go into Michaels WITH your coupons and you realize the item you want doesn't qualify for your coupons.

    TriStar Pictures

    16. Or forgetting which part of your project is the beginning or end.

    @mysocalledcraftlife / Via

    17. And, of course, spills. A crafting spill means you'll be finding tiny gems around your home for the next 10,000 years.

    @thecreativeearth / Via

    18. Glitter. Enough said.

    @signaturenailbarblackpool / Via

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