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    This Glitter Booty Trend Will Be All Over Your Instagram Soon

    All hail, the Glitter Booty is here!

    Move out of the way, glitter roots β€” the newest sparkly trend, the Glitter Booty, is here.

    @thrillsoftomorrow / Via

    Sparkly cheeks aren't new, but Mia Kennington, a makeup artist with the UK glitter/body paint collective The Gypsy Shrine, is credited with taking glistening fannies to full-blown capital "G" capital "B" Glitter Booties.

    @thrillsoftomorrow / Via

    Inspired by sandy beach bums, Kennington and artist Sophia Moreno knew they could ~enhance~ the look.

    @thegypsyshrine / Via

    Kennington says the keys to easy glitter application are hair gel, hairspray, and a really good friend who doesn't mind getting all up in your business.

    @danielwatsonphoto, @thrillsoftomorrow / Via

    The hair gel provides the perfect sticky surface for the glitter, which your friend will paint all over your ~derriere~ until it looks like you were on the receiving end of a unicorn fart. The hairspray is the final step for minimum glitter shedding.

    It's official: Flower crowns are out, and Glitter Booties are IN!

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    Ariel could never.

    @thrillsoftomorrow / Via

    No word yet on how long the glitter stays in your buttcrack, or if this makes your poop sparkly.


    BuzzFeed has reached out to Mia Kennington for comment.