41 Wedding Dresses Inspired By Nintendo Princesses

    Move over, Disney Princesses!

    1. This excellent pink dress is basically the SPITTING image of Princess Peach's gown.

    2. Or why not take your Princess Peach look into the future?

    3. This mix of tulle and pink is just heavenly.

    4. For an unexpected (and wildly gorgeous) way to channel your inner Princess Peach, try reverse-ombré tulle skirts!

    5. Why not try a modern reimagining of a Princess Peach gown?

    6. This pale pink and shorter hem is the picture of Princess Peach-y perfection.

    7. While this dress isn't for a princess, it's for a goddamn QUEEN.

    8. The gorgeous floral details and bold structure of this dress are a stunning way to channel Princess Zelda on your wedding day.

    9. Or try a more traditional dress that has a strong ~air~ of Princess Zelda.

    10. DAYUM, this dress is regal AF.

    11. For those who would rather go with the Zelda color palette than her exact gown, this dress is for you.

    12. Or try a more ethereal reincarnation of Princess Zelda's dress.

    13. You can still wear all white and harken back to the Hylian princess.

    14. Or blow everyone out of the water with this breathtaking ensemble.

    15. Why not look like Princess Daisy incarnate?

    16. ...or try a literal interpretation of a Princess Daisy–inspired dress?


    18. Why settle for a princess dress when you could wear a dress fit for divinity?

    19. This body-hugging silhouette is made all the more gorgeous with thousands of intricate floral details.

    20. The floral details on the sheer long sleeves are very Princess Daisy–like.

    21. Or you could custom-make a magical gown like this one for your big day.

    22. Channel the beauty of the universe in this dress worthy of a galactic princess!

    23. The bejeweled neckline and sleeves are very Princess Rosalina.

    24. How about this modern interpretation of Princess Rosalina's gown?

    25. Try having a blue bouquet to really seal the deal that you are Princess Rosalina come alive.

    26. Look like the empress of your own cosmos in this enchanting number.

    27. Or wear the gown that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

    28. Fit for an ocean goddess, this dress is a perfect ode to Princess Ruto.

    29. This oceanic dress will have you looking like you emerged from Zora's Domain, à la "Birth of Venus," and went straight to your wedding.

    30. Look like royalty in this stunning gown, clearly made for a divine being.

    31. Shorter hemlines can still be the picture of perfection!

    32. If you want to GLISTEN like you've just stepped out of Lake Hylia, then look no further.

    33. Look like you've emerged out of the seafoam in this lovely blue number.

    34. Try an utterly stunning jumpsuit when you want to blow everyone out of the water.

    35. Channel your inner Midna with a dress that's as stunning as it is sinister.

    36. Upstage everyone at your wedding with this structured, elegant beauty.

    37. Be a vision in this fiery number, modeled perfectly after Midna's ombré orange hair.

    38. Channel Midna's softer side with this romantic gown in one of her trademarked colors.

    39. Be the ruler of both the Twilight Realm and the Light World in this gown...

    40. Or don this dress and fully revel in your position as Twilight Princess!

    41. You know who could pull off a glow-in-the-dark gown?

    You could, because you are amazing and this dress is rad. Also, Midna would definitely rock this and wouldn't give a rat's ass about what other people thought.

    From the Rami Kadi Fall/Winter 2016 collection.