19 Back-To-School Supplies Every Mermaid Needs

    I've got notebooks and pencils aplenty; I've got stickers and backpacks galore. You want pencil cases? I got 20!!

    1. A ~shelltacular~ backpack to hold all your thingamabobs.

    2. This freaking adorable narwhal night-light for those late-night study sessions.

    3. This pack of adorable mini-mer highlighters in appropriate mermaid colors.

    4. An insulated, holographic lunch bag so you can be the coolest mer around.

    5. A pack of stickers to decorate your school stuff with ~merflair~.

    6. A super sparkly thermos, because even mermaids need coffee.

    7. A five-subject notebook with pastel dividers that's utterly ~mermazing~.

    Purchase it here for $16.50.

    8. A set of pencils that shows off the real you.

    9. A pen that's fit for a merqueen.

    10. This ~shelltactular~ portable phone charger with enough juice to fully charge your iPhone, twice!

    11. And an iridescent pencil case to hold your favorite pens.

    12. A set of pastel rainbow gel pens to make your notes look as beautiful as a coral reef.

    13. This journal to write down all your merfeelings.

    14. A backpack that looks like it was made out of real mermaid scales. (No mers were harmed in the making of this backpack.)

    15. Some roe tacks so you'll remember to ~sea~ your Post-it reminders.

    16. This holographic watch so you'll never be late to class.

    17. A pair of bookends to keep your textbooks looking shipshape.

    18. A pair of headphones that glisten like the sea, so you can ignore people while you walk to class.

    19. A ~fintastic~ set of pencils that even Ariel would be envious of.