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Pam • 3 years ago


Pako thinks he is the Justin Timberlake of Poms

Pam • 4 years ago


He likes to sunbathe and hang out

Pam • 4 years ago

19 Pieces Of Fan Art That Prove Baymax Is Your New Fave Character

Hello. His name is Baymax, and he is your personal healthcare companion. He is also adorable, cuddly, gives warm hugs, melts your heart and will leave you with all the feels.

Pam • 4 years ago
Robyn Wilder • 5 years ago
Brian Truong • 5 years ago

New "Gotham" Video Introduces The Villains

Cannot. Wait. For. This. New clip teases more of the villains in Fox's new Batman prequel, Gotham.

Pam • 5 years ago

37 Books Every Creative Person Should Be Reading

Making things is hard. Here are some books to inspire and invigorate you.

Ashly Perez • 5 years ago

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You

And if you don't follow these rules, your world will probably fall apart. Just kidding! But OCD or not, you can probably stand to get a little more thorough with your cleaning, while saving time in the long run.

Peggy Wang • 6 years ago

10 Things Your Fave Disney Characters Do In Their Downtime

Can't a Sith Lord enjoy a bubble bath in peace?

Jenna Guillaume • 5 years ago

21 Times This Lego Couple Was Better At Holiday Instagramming Than You

Follow this jet-setting Lego couple for more holiday snaps on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Mikey Nicholson • 5 years ago
Arielle Calderon • 5 years ago

32 Unbelievably Cheap And Beautiful DIY Photo Backdrops

Now you can have an in-home selfie photo booth at your disposal for under $20.

Candace Lowry • 5 years ago

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

Bookmark them all. Change your life forever.

Jessica Probus • 5 years ago

30 Insanely Clever Gardening Tricks

No green thumb required.

Alanna Okun • 5 years ago

24 Awe-Inspiring Photos Of Earth And Space

These are the winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 competition. They will take your breath away.

Kelly Oakes • 5 years ago
Tabatha Leggett • 6 years ago

10 Awe-Inspiring Pictures Of The Milky Way Photographed In Dorset

‘Dorset Scouser’ (aka Stephen Banks) is a stargazer and astrophotographer in Bridport, Dorset, who enjoys taking mesmerising photos of our home galaxy.

Matthew Tucker • 5 years ago

The Real Adventures Of Curious George

Curious Monkey travels the globe for more than five years - with the selfies to prove it

Pam • 5 years ago