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17 Ways Your Life Is Already An Adventure

Your life is epic. You're the star in your own adventure, and Jansport has your back for whatever comes next!

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1. You get out of bed like a champ, because you've got things to do.

2. You aren't afraid to crack a few eggs.

3. You battle your hair with the courage of a warrior.

WWE / Via

4. You OWN your daily commute.

5. You have your own soundtrack.

The Simpsons (Fox) / Via

6. You multitask, because life's too short to do one thing at a time.

Two and A Half Men (Warner Bros. Television) / Via

7. You mix up your meals like a culinary DJ.

8. You're willing to try anything at least once.

Jackass (Dickhouse Productions) / Via

9. Sometimes you fall down...

Failblog / Via

10. But you always get back up.

11. You've put your heart out there.

Anchorman (DreamWorks) / Via

12. And you've had your heart broken.

Workaholics (Comedy Central) / Via

13. You've made a few enemies...

Spider-Man (Buena Vista Television) / Via

14. But your friends always have your back.

15. Sometimes you're up all night to get an assignment in right at the buzzer.

Futurama (20th Century Fox Television) / Via

16. Other times you're up all night because your life rules too hard for sleep.

How I Met Your Mother (20th Century Fox Television) / Via

17. And when you do sleep, your dreams are EPIC.

The NeverEnding Story (Warner Bros. Pictures) / Via

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