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    7 Reasons Why You Should Watch "The Outreach"

    You know those people you do your best to avoid on the street? The Outreach is a web series about their lives after you blow past "Hi, do you have a minute--" Spoiler Alert: They don't live pleasant lives. In fact, our cynical hero Essie Allen only joined the Outreach out of spite. She's a real special girl. So here's 7 reason's you should tune into her incredible journey to find meaning in her life!

    1. Essie's eyebrow game

    2. Essie's impressive vocabulary

    3. Essie's charmingly futile goal of changing the world

    4. Essie’s slightly psychotic, but very passionate boss Annie

    5. Essie's weird friendship with Rosie

    6. Essie’s existence as a lead character in a traditionally written sitcom length series… but on the web… WHAT?

    7. Essie’s creators Stefan Hartmann and Carina Jollie would really appreciate it!