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16 Bedtime Stories That Shouldn't Exist

Sweet dreams, little one...

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1. This is one way to start the night off right.

Helen Chan / Via

2. Interesting bedtime conversation.

Isaac Potter / Via

3. This kid seems to be going through tough times.

Kim Rollton / Via

4. Well, they did say they love you.

Andrea M. Bustos / Via

5. This conversation will be continued in the morning.

6. Well, alright then.

Lisa Montano / Via

7. At least they broke the news gently.

Emily King / Via

8. This might be something to discuss with your father.

9. It's okay, darling. Mommy has the same problem.

Jack / Via

10. Oh my.

Jamie R. / Via

11. This sounds like a nice story.

Elizabethann / Via

12. Me too, kid. Me too.

Lina D. / Via

13. At least they asked.

14. Hope they didn't have any plans for the future.

Dawn of the Dead / Via

15. Mommy...?

16. And they all lived happily ever after... Maybe.

Sweet dreams, children.
Jack Dennis / Via

Sweet dreams, children.

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